The best worst game ever

Tonight I lost another pvp match. I haven’t won one for two weeks now, so I’m getting used to it lol. But tonight was the best worst game I’ve ever played. Terrible matchmaking had me laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes; and I’m pretty sure that even without mic coms up, there was an unspoken understanding that we were going to lose horribly.
Now, some might argue that command rank doesn’t mean much, and truth be told I would agree with that. But you’ll notice that 3/5 are sporting “old man cranky” titles (win capture by 1000 points) and another has a master of Alani. Safe to assume that this crew knows how to throw down.

It only got worse after we had spawned and I checked - on vain - for those magical green bars that are rarer than legendary drops, only to discover this…
I gave our inexperienced rag tag team about 4 minutes before it would be all over, but about two minutes in something magical happened. Without mics we somehow managed to coordinate some of the finest team work I’ve been a part of. We stuck to pure defense and turtled up around our sentry, forcing the enemy team to make risky plays. We pushed back wave after wave of base thralls, mid thralls, and giant minions. At some point our Reyna disconnected (the only player on our team that had green bars). We knew we were going to lose but nobody made any heroic attempts at pushing that would have achieved nothing but feeding the enemy. We made them earn every inch of ground they took from us! They finally took down our second sentry with only two minutes to go, but it was an exhilarating experience that I spent with a huge grin on my face. Here’s the final results

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed battleborn this much so I had to share :smile:


Well bloody done mate! Love the positivity despite two weeks of losses :open_mouth: Also love the eloquency, great story telling :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to party up mate and end that streak :stuck_out_tongue:


If only your team had a single CC.

Played right you should almost never lose a support vs no support game. But you have literally no one to stop Phoebe or El dragon.

Losing for 2 weeks sucks, i don’t even like losing once.

Thanks! [quote=“Slif_One, post:2, topic:1527976”]
We need to party up mate and end that streak :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a real pain getting on at the same time without life getting in the way. I did try to join your session again last night (I think it was last night?) but it “couldn’t connect me to the host lobby” or something like that. I’m still so used to playing single player games that I often forget to even see if any friends are online too :sweat_smile:

Our Miko was great. He/she was the saving grace of that match for our team. Being down 4v5 with red/yellow bars is too much of an uphill battle unfortunately. I’m getting pretty over losing, and even the private match AI seems to have gone to crap lately. Tried a private pvp just so I could basically stomp and win for a change. Ended up against a Miko and Reyna comp that stuck together like glue. Meanwhile, half my team are stuck running into walls or literally just standing on the spot not doing anything. Blah…

I don’t necessarily want to start another discussion on matchmaking, but I found it interesting that after such a poor match up in the game I spoke about, this is what I got matched with when I stayed in the queue. I don’t know how this is going to welcome new players :confused:

Always a good feeling to win or put up a great match in a situation like that :D. I love when it happens

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ive done tons of PVP lately and I have seen all kinds of craziness. I do feel that teams with higher command rank generally have a higher chance to win. There are any number of reasons. Most of the time its a blowout. I’m guessing most of those guys know eachother and are coordinating. Most of the people ive been playing with lately have just been running all over the board just shooting at guys. There was one game where I didn’t even have shards left to buy any upgrades for myself because I was buying all the damn buildables. When we -eventually- lost not a single person besides me bought any buildables and had all their gear purchased. Not only that, I was the one that finished with the highest kill count on both teams. It was just amazing.

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That reminds me of a game I had yesterday with Rath, around 15-16 kills 2 deaths, 60ish minion kills, 35 buildables built.

Everyone else on my team: 1-2 kills 5+deaths, 20ish minions killed, 10 buildables

And we got decimated, kinda disheartening when I am literally doing more than 3x what each team member is doing.

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D@mn. You and the team’s Miko were doing some WORK.

Sounds like a great game, and awesome sportsmanship from you!

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Had a lovely fight (we were one of those “intimidating” five man, high level premades; and if you don’t know, im not exactly a great player) the other day on echelon where we too fought for every inch and we also voted down a surrender- we lost most of our second sentry, but the clock ran out first- make the other team work for it! :smiley:

Those are my favourite matches. Where even if you don’t entertain the hope of victory, you fight your hardest to see if you can survive till the end. I like to imagine reinforcements come in after the clock runs out. :stuck_out_tongue:


So tired… every game premade 100 vs random low level players.
1 question, why? Why u let premade vs random players? simple question…

1-2 leave game at start or after first death because they can’t do anything, other 0:10 and 1-2 players tried do something. Yeah, tried because enemy just camp at base. You can’t take exp etc.

Where auto-balance system?

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I was quite proud of my team mates. The was only 3 pieces of gear activated between us for the entire game. Two were mine, and I only activated my second piece about 20ish minutes in. The enemy team, as you could imagine, had all their gear up in about 5 minutes!

Pretty much… I think we’d all agree that teamwork and communication are the key

One thing that stood out for me was the taunting. I didn’t taunt anyone that I killed (even if I did take some small pleasure out of it) out of respect for how hard they fought. I got taunted once by the enemy Mellka, which was well deserved. I got her down to a sliver of health and chased her down further than I should have. Thumper turret, Montana, and Ghalt came to the rescue. Slowed by the thumper and Montana I tried to snail jump/run away and failed miserably haha.

We really need a post match lobby hey. For all I know, the enemy team might have been super annoyed at us. The might have taken it easy on us purposely. They might have tried characters they’ve never used. All I know is that for me, it felt like a hard fought match with a great deal of mutual respect and sportsmanship!

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I’m in the habit of starting every game with this mindset, but then have rambo’s for team mates and we just end up getting ganked 3v1 for 10 minutes until people DC or surrender!

I don’t know why. I think it might have to do with the matchmaking wait times though… it’s a balancing act between time and quality. If matching takes too long because of tighter restrictions, then people complain about wait times. If high level pre mades are matched with low level randoms, people complain about match quality. They should definitely have newbie servers like BF4 though. Matches for people command rank 25 and under only

The new thing now is whites. I got destroyed all day today by teams playing with whites.

My team surrenders to low levels that shouldn’t be in a fight against us we do come at them like a spider monkey till then.

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Yeah, I did consider that maybe they were just going easy on us. Or just weren’t trying too hard. Or were playing characters they hadn’t tried yet. But at the end of the day, I had a blast playing that game and that’s all that mattered to me.

Games like this really shine a light on how good a post match lobby would be in this game!

First of all, we should definitely party up. :slight_smile:

Second of all, those are my favorite games. For me at least it’s tons of fun to know things might go south, and still make the other team fight for it. Every once in a while you win, which is even better!