The Best you can do with skins?

I mean really people… LIKE the new additions and all but just changing the color?! -.-

You can do much better. Period.

Learn from HoN or Dota or even WoW or smthing. Every skin is unique. You can have a char looking like a lumberjack or a devil or a clown or or…hope i made my point

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Or you could wait for Tier 3 skins to come out. You could even argue that Tier 2 skins are unique costumes, so I don’t really see your point. They done more than change the colour (which is what Tier 1 skins are).

I could see it if Gearbox threw a bunch of stuff together and called it a day, but they seem to have put thought into each and every character and asked themselves what skin they would have. If there are more to be released, then I would bet they would add things like a lumberjack skin, but until then…


i agree, hell i bough all the skins anyways and the taunts. 70$ thats 145$ total towards this game. nothing compared to what i spent on LoL


Don’t know how i can make it more “understandable” so you can see my point better but i believe it was pretty self explanatory where i said skins should be more like HoN or even WoW where every Tier of skin is actually unique and not just different colors or themes on the same body or clothes or w/e.

Here, lets go step by step so i can make it again, more understandable:

The link provided below is a Hero called Swiftblade from a Moba called HoN.

You can go through the available skins (i believe it is 12) and notice that unlike Battleborn skins, every single skin looks totally different from each other where you can play it like a samurai, a female barbarian, ronin, dark elf, hunter, cyber swiftblade etc. etc.

Now when you think about my first mastery, Rath from Battleborn (he looks great, no question about that) we have what 5 different COLOR themes and that is not a “unique” skin in my book, just different colors.

Tier 2 Rath skin? oh wait the same body just some black and reds here and there whit what? small skeleton touches here and there.

So, from where i stand, it is pretty understandable that one expects Tier 3 Rath skin will be…some other recolor.

I hope this clears things up so you can see my point better, sorry for the confusion, lumberjack was just an example.

Plus, this is the part of the forums where you provide your ideas to help make a game you like better and more enjoyable. Do not agree with it? move on - be like Jim.

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I think with t2 they were trying to add more differentiation between the t1 skins but also change it up slightly. Supposedly the t3 skins will significantly alter the appearance of each battleborn like you want. Hope this helps.

I hope so! cause i love the game and if i know 1 thing, even if the skins are just for cosmetics it is a real big motivation for me to keep playing.

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Oh yeah me to. I love having different skins and stuff for characters on just about any game I play.

This is tier 2 skins. Tier 3 will change the model not just a re-coloring

Hope so!

Dude… Toby gets a beard and a biker theme; what more do you WANT?!

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I don’t think, as a FPS, we will see the same diversity you get in League, even in tier 3


The reason this might have to wait a bit is that in an FPS like this, when you start messing around with character models (things like size, arrangement of critical hit zones), you can start throwing off game balance.

Someone brought up an example, what if Kleese were in an Ironman style suit rather than a chair. Suddenly, Ironman Kleese might play a lot differently. This would make Ironman Kleese a non-cosmetic change, which they are avoiding like the plague.

This is all to say that skins that alter models in a game like this, have to be done carefully, and will likely take some time.


Yes, don’t ask the devs to mess with hit boxes. Holy crap that makes a mess.

Fully agree with this. Too much work, and then BOOM! The characters in question get nerfed because of a skin everyone might not have.

Yea i guess, never thought about this!

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Don’t give them ideas, next think you know, boom! Skins with stats.

Battleborn characters also have a lot of personality, and I feel that T3 skins that drastically changed the character design would do those characters a disservice. I don’t want Reyna to have a Blackbeard skin, for example, or Thorn to become Robin Hood, or even Rath to become Vegeta. I just want them to be trying on new, increasingly more badass battle outfits.

And, of course, for Mellka to have a tuxedo. I’m going to keep saying it!


By the Divines, would that be the saving grace this game needs right now (for me anyway). I will now proceed to obsess over this idea for the next eternity :laughing:

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I agree that there’s like 5 characters with a similar theme, dark elf, zombie, goth, Frankenstein… they shouldve spread out more. if this were Halloween special skins then sure but it’s June… and all of them look tacky by being similar themes

Oh and Rath Vegeta would be insane and I’d buy it… and im 100000% against buying new skins with premium currency.

As far as changing the models so drastically that you’d have to worry about hitbox issues; I’m sure they will avoid this mistake. They will hopefully do remodels but I doubt they’d be so drastic to where we’d have kleese go from battle couch to a Caldarius suit. Maybe somewhere in between but not so much that it would cause balancing issues.

Other games have done fine with remodel skins.