The beverages thread

Discuss about anything you drink here, may it be tea, beer or anything inbetween.

Credits to itsTwister for the idea.

English tea is the best tea.

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Currently drink tea with christmas flavor.
Whats christmas flavor you might ask, no idea but its christmas!

I was just drinking Mountain Dew.
Honestly, I could really go for some Stalinade right now, it’s actually a rather tasty soda.

A tea shop near me sells fat Elvis tea and I love it

I love beveraging. I’m beveraging milk right now.

taco bell’s new strawberry starburst freeze. its frickin awesome.

I have a Diet Mountain Dew problem. I didn’t until Circle K bought the mom and pop gas station in our town of 2400 and put in the 40 flavor Polar Pop fountain.

Are there Doritos in it?


No, nor does it taste like starburst. It tastes like a virgin strawberry margharita.

I had a margharita once, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever dranken. Why would you put salt in a drink??? WHHHHHHYYYYYY???

It just tasted bad, and that’s coming from a guy who who accidentally made a vodka mixer 50:50 ratio and still drank it.

Side question: is drinking half a bottle of vodka in one night a bad thing to do?

i did it in 5 minutes. on an empty stomach. and then tried to eat…never doing that again.

a few things, you salt the rim not the drink.

also yes a 50/50 mix is bad, don’t mix drink it strait.

lastly again bad idea, always finish the bottle. No one likes a quitter.

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Yeah the rim was salted, and it kept getting in my mouth when I tried to drink.

And I was sharing to vodka with a friend, that’s why only half

If you ever try one again, get it with a sugared rim. The salt is gross, I agree.

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bad bartender. they should only salt half the rim, so you have the choice. i personally love the salt.

Silly Sandman, vodka is ment to be consumed pure.
If it happens once in awhile, there’s no harm. Then again I only occasionally drink alcohol, which is mostly german beer like Warsteiner.

Currently consuming lemon flavoured green ice tea. Luscious.

Are all you guys british? Whats with the fancy tea? Only tea i like is good ol’ sweet tea made in Texas. Oh and big red. Big red is freaking awesome! True texas taste right there. And Matt “The Red Mamba” Bonner is now the face of big red so even better.

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Everyone likes tea.