The Big Hex Grenade Trading Thread!

You found a hex grenade and dont want it? want something better? or are you looking for one?
Well post you wishes here, and what you want to offer! simple!

Have fun trading!

dont forget to like, comment and enjoy!


This was my old thread as I was looking for them myself… SO basically I got all grenades and everything for now… so as many are still looking for them, you can now post everything you want to trade realted to hex nades here! enjoy!


What elements are your Laser-Sploder and Flakker? And do you have any Moze Bloodletter mods with good stat boosts?

What element on the Queen’s Call? Also, do you have the Deathless relic?

Still got that Super Shreddifer for sale?


@Swixer I have fire and ice laser-sploder, flakker has no element(i think it never does)

my bloodletter mod has 2 points in thin red line for 100% shield conversion and 3 phalanx doctrine, 10% torgue damage,45% atlas weapon crit, 10% hyperion damage

@Aceofgods @smtrentcf sorry, I though it always had at least one form of splitting, updated title to me more clear, I need a hex that at least splits or mirv in any way.

but ye s items are still ready for trading, queens call is ice only for now, and yes I have a deathless relic

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I got a spare recuring rad hex, could trade it for a lvl50 pipe bomb, let me know if you’re up for it.

@foivosb absolutly, my epic name is SmokinDice, just add me :slight_smile:


I’d like that Fire Laser-Sploder if you’re still wanting a Hex.

@Swixer what kind of hex do you have?



That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

add me on epic: SmokinDice :slight_smile:

Sure. By the way, do you have a Jericho?

I do, I throw it in :slight_smile:

Hi, Swixer, can i have this grenade too ?

looking for that lucians call

I have cryo\corrosive Lucians, but i’m searching only for Recurring Hex. Kinda unlucky to farm it :frowning:

Updated title, sorry I only look for shock and fire at this point.