The Big Ol' UI Enhancements Wishlist

Hey everyone, I made a thread on /r/borderlands, but someone suggested that posting it here might be a better place to share it. Instead of re-stating myself, here’s a copy+paste of it:

I’m having a good time with BL3, but it definitely needs some patching. Besides the very well-discussed performance issues, I feel like the UI in BL3, while looking nice, is clunky to work with and could use some improvements. I’ve compiled a wishlist of improvements I’d like to see to the various menus and screens in the game, and I wanted to share it with you guys to get ideas on other possible improvements. It’s worth noting that a lot of these have a focus on using M+KB controls, as that’s what I’m playing with.

All Echo Menus :

  • Allow keyboard shortcuts to specific menus to still work in menus
    • As is, I have F1-F5 bound to the different menu tabs. If I open a menu (say, inventory), and then press F1 to go to my logs, it doesn’t work. Quick Menu hotkeys only work if you are out of a menu, and it feels inconsistent that they don’t also work within the menus.

Log Menu :

  • Fix scrolling through logs with PC controls.
    • As is, you need to manually grab the scroll bar (or cycle through with W/A) for the logs as the mouse wheel is reserved for scrolling through the text of a given log.
  • Change the log tabs from using A/D to Alt/Ctrl like the other screens.
    • This is the only menu that uses A/D and it feels inconsistent to have it not also use Alt/Ctrl.

Map Menu :

  • Keep the next/previous quest hotkeys active in order to make looking up quest objectives easier.
    • Alternatively/additionally, add support for showing all quest markers (and highlighting the currently active one).
  • North indicator
    • Possibly an option to auto-align map to North. I love that the map can be tilted to get an idea of elevation differences now, but I feel like I get kind of lost in new zones without an indicator of which way is North.
  • Super minor, but adding a little sound effect when you’re holding the key to fast travel to a location would make it feel better.

Inventory Menu :

  • Press, not hold, button to drop item. It’s a pain to drop a lot of items as is.
  • Much quicker animation for displaying price. When I want to go through and compare prices, I sometimes have to wait a second or two for the little price spin animation to complete. It’s a cool animation, but it could stand to be quicker.
  • Sort by price added as option.
    • This ties in with the above two. When I’m out of backpack space and trying to figure out what vendor trash to keep, it’s a huge chore to find the cheapest thing and drop it.
  • I don’t even know what causes this, but the thumbnail icon for weapons/items freaks out sometimes and just starts displaying the wrong item. I had my Slot 1 SMG showing as a pistol, then a weapon trinket, then a shield… !? Please fix this.
  • Add a change weapon skin button to the inventory screen. It’s a little cumbersome to need to go into the Inspect view first to change the weapon skin.
  • Generally reducing the lag in the inventory screen would be great.

Color selection (for character skins):

  • Mousing over a color opens the “Apply 1 / Apply 2” bit, but that makes you unable to mouse over adjacent colors (to the right) without mousing over a color in a different row. That UI indicator should not interfere with the mouse selection.

In-game HUD :

  • Allow us to set vertical and horizontal bounds like in BL2. As is, the health/ammo/compass/XP bar can only be adjusted by a fixed-ration rectangular bound. I personally like to play with the elements pulled in from the sides, towards the middle of the screen, but swept away to the top and bottom to keep my view clear.
  • When in a vehicle, the cycle quest hotkey icons don’t change to match whatever you have them set to. I use Z/C, for example, but it still displays [ and ].
  • Sometimes cycling through quests with hot keys will change the waypoints displayed, but the displayed quest text doesn’t change to match.

Other options :

  • Turning off controller input doesn’t stick. I usually keep my XB1 controller plugged into my computer. After setting the Enable Controller option turned to Off, the game still reads my controller input after quitting and restarting the game.
  • Using the scroll wheel to scroll up and down options, but then also to change the highlighted options value is a pain. I’d rather it just scroll through the options. Dragging the sliders for broad changes and fine-tuning with the arrows or W/D is fine, IMO.

I’ll try to add more if I think of them, or if anybody shares good ideas.


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Excellent summary, replying to bump.

I find I keep right clicking to try and zoom out the map unsuccessfully and then remember you have to press X… Which feels odd to me

Bump because I’d like this to get attention… which is kind of every bump in a forum, I guess

In light of Gearbox’s tweet that they’re working on a patch, I thought I’d float these ideas again.

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Excellent list, TYVM!

Great work. I’m definitely affected most by the vertical splitscreen issue which appears to have the second largest thread on the forums dedicated to it:

Also shoutouts to the other hot topic issue thread, the biggest thread on the forums from what I have seen, on general FPS drops:

Not sure if it’s best to try to feature the worst offenders, but it seems to be these.

Of course FPS drops are more nebulous, and not a UI enhancement, just thought I’d try to get a feel from the forums where the biggest pains are coming from. Vertical split screen being nearly on par with performance issues is significant I’d say. It’s the biggest UI issue I can see on these forums.

This is the single most frustrating thing for me… Used to work nicely in BL2! Now it’s cumbersome…