The big problem of surrenders

So I’m gessing this problem was brought up several times now, but this is a problem that’s really irritating to me.
8 out of 10 games for me ends in the opponent surrendering and its annoying not only becouse we get barely any XP, its also fustrating that a match is about 5 minutes long becouse of it.

If the surrender has to stay there sould be a penalty for using it (that should be the case for disconnecters as well), for example the surrendering team doesn’t get any xp or they get some kind of low priority.

On a side note: The bouncing when you are on somebody’s head is really irritating. It was fine in Borderlands but in Battleborn you should be able to just stand on somebody


I agree that there should be some deterrent for surrenders.
I’m on the other end. Losing and teammates want to surrender after falling, like, 20 points behind. Drives me nuts.
Only allow it for the last. … 5 minutes or last 5% of winning score.
That and maybe do something to incursion to make it possible to come back a little more realistic.

I think part of the problem is the matching making. People get randomly disconnected, I’d say probably 50% of the time in my experience. Sometimes on my team, sometimes not. So as in all MOBAs, when a team is down one player, its almost impossible to win. Unless they have Galilea. Then everyone else can AFK and let her clean house XD

But yeah, I think it mainly shows to some people’s immaturity. I understand that losing is not fun, and nobody wants to have to suffer through an embarrassing defeat. But don’t ever give up. The interesting thing about Battleborn is that due to its random nature the tides of fate can shift VERY rapidly. Your team might be losing, but just give it a little time, and y’all just might go on a massive killstreak, grab some thralls, build some Super Minions, and push right in there and do just enough damage to the Sentry to put yourself in the lead and be able to hold off the enemy team. If you work together and tough it out, at least you can say you tried. At the end of the day, quitting because you are not winning is selfish and immature. You have to have to maturity to admit that the other team was better in this case. Or they cheated and used Galilea and an Attikus/Miko combo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, not trying to accuse anyone of said mindset or behavior, or anything. Simply giving my two-cents as to why it is, and maybe how it can be changed. :3

I’m sure they are looking into this but yeah I find lots and lots of folks just surrender when it’s a blow out. I also find when you take down the guy who thinks he’s the big hotshot consistently then a surrender comes after his death. Nothing makes me smile like a Galilea initiated surrender because a Reyna (me) downed them then did the splits. Ta da!

That said why not create a forum tournament or a forum league that discourages people from quiting?

There should never be a penalty for surrendering in a game like this. Especially when you consider that the matchmaking does not match premades with other premades. Solo players should not have to deal with premades taunting outside their spawn.


Surrendering isn’t in anyway rude. It is simply admitting defeat and giving the opponent the win. I personally get bored if I am either getting trounced or trouncing the opponent. Admitting when you’ve lost is just as admirable if not more admirable than forcing everyone to spend 20 minutes of their life in an already over match. Not to mention if surrender doesn’t exist or penalizes people, then the winning team can be jerks and try to postpone the game so that they can boost their stats. There should be a penalty for disconnects however as it is rude to your team.

Wrong. Matchmaking is based on Skill-Based Matchmaking. I always run with a team of 3-5 people and have only lost 2 games out of 50 so far. The last 20 or so matches have always been against a squad of at least 3 people if not 4 or 5. My team can tell we are facing better skilled players due to their titles they have and how they are playing the game.

Have to realize most of the player base has less than 50 PVP games played. Skill-based matchmaking takes awhile to start working. I rarely at this point face a group of solo-que randoms.

My biggest gripe is that exp is lessened due to a surrender. The winning team should not lose out on exp because they did their job and performed well. When it normally takes 2-3 games to get a character level but instead it takes 8 games because people surrender when they are losing 400-76 is frustrating. Would be easier for everyone to just sit in their spawn and let the enemy team score the remaining 100 points so everyone gets the exp they deserve.

You get less XP because the match is shorter. Do you really not see a problem with suggesting losing players should just sit in the base and wait until the game is over? Why should they have their time wasted on a game that’s already over?

If they feel like the game is over when they are losing 200-75, sure, surrender. But if you are losing 400-100, and feel like you can not come back, then why not let the other team finish the game easily so ALL 10 players get more then twice as much XP… If the game is already close to being done, may as well finish it.

Have you considered that there are people out there who don’t care at all about XP? To these people, it’s a meaningless number, and they want to get back into the actual fun as soon as possible. Sitting in the base doing nothing is not conducive to that.

As I pointed out in one of my threads, the biggest problem with surrendering is that it is SO easy to do. One person can spam votes every minute. Vote lasts forever. Only takes THREE people out of TEN to force a game to end. You have to look at it from the perspective of the “winners”, it’s no fun to play 4-5 minute matches over and over.


Have you considered there are people who do care about XP and unlocking all the wonderful characters in the game? Its a double-edged sword. No, I dont believe people should sit in their base and do absolutely nothing. If they were on my team doing that, they would get chewed out for not trying to come back and win.

My issue is that COMPLETING a game gives way more XP than not completing a game, whether or not the game lasted 5 minutes or 30 minutes. If the opposing team is beating me 450-100, im going to keep losing and most likely take the loss, but I am not going to surrender at that point because rewards are much better for completing a match.


Well it is voted on, if majority of a team wants to quit they should be allowed to do so. They allow you to call for surrender often and early because people just leave if they are stuck in a game they aren’t enjoying, which isn’t good for the game or anyone overall imo.

You have to realize that games require a large time commitment, losing for 30 minutes is a waste of gaming time for a lot of adults with little time looking for a good game.

I agree with this. My problem is that a surrender vote should not be allowed after the game has reached a certain score point or time.

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If they fixed the god awful matchmaking that it would be different. Also if Galilea wasn’t a thing I bet less people would be inclined to give up, assuming she’s on your team.

It’s basically impossible to come back in incursion or meltdown.

I had several comebacks in meldown or incursion even againts a Galilea.
Its really not impossible at all, its just most people give up instead of trying

Everyone has had several comebacks. I think if you looked at the raw totals though you would see that whoever loses their sentry first generally loses the game.

We’re going to have to agree to disagree then. I absolutely believe that surrenders should be left as is, and I think our difference in thought comes down to you playing mostly with premades, and me playing as a solo player. In almost all discussions of this type in any game, it is the solo player that wants surrender to remain, and the premade players that want it gone.

I do not want surrenders to go. I want people to understand that if you are losing 450-100 and can not play for another minute or two to finish the game so ALL 10 people get more XP/chance of a lootpack, etc, it seems wrong to me.

If you are losing 200-10 in the opening few minutes of the game, yes, go ahead and surrender because most likely you are not going to come back and win. But if the game can be completed in a couple minutes, why not just let it so EVERYONE benefits MORE.

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Most teams that make a comeback have 2 or more people communicating on voice chat ect i have not seen a random team mount a comeback against a premade with out using the ingame voice chat or two out of the group being in the same party hence using voice chat.