The biggest buff to iron bear and disincentivize granade spam i think would be

… do something about the damn granade launcher spaming CoV badass enemies that spawn 7 at a time.

if people could see what they’re doing, they wouldn’t feel the need for using every FaF item in the game. Iron bear would be a lot more usefull aswell. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely needs a buff / change / re-imagined / anything in between… especially with survivability. His damage can be pretty damn effective, even on M3 - but the kind of enemies we fight most of the time doesn’t really give him a even playing field.

i also don’t really find it especially fun to be ass rammed by double-penetrating rocket launchers as soon as i peak around a corner, so that annoyance factor is, to me anyway, a big reason to look into this.