The biggest buried subject, no one ever talks about (from BL1)

While waiting for my download I had started reminiscing on how much BL has changed. During this little exercise something kinda popped in my head. Dueling has pretty much always been a thing, but there was a feature that was never used (at least I never saw it used after hundreds of hours playing). I’m referring to the Duel Arenas. A type of organized PvP that even allowed teams to square off. I had been there only once and still remember my match winning weapon, Pestilent Defiler. So did any of you ever run it regularly? Did you even know it existed?

I know of it, it is across from Fyrestone. Dueling has always been broken and usually relies on one person to make 1st hit. My wife would get pissed because I could one punch her with my Lilith out of phasewalk. She was hands down the best melee character :rofl:

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Honestly, it was bad enough that back when we held competitions in BL1 on the forums we’d either compete for kill counts in the Underdome or to find specific pieces of gear fastest. I probably used the arenas less than a dozen times in all my hours in BL1.

There are actually several arenas, although there entrances are so hidden in the graphic that it is really easy to miss them if you don’t spot the level transition icon while looking at the map.

The Cesspool: Located in the Rust Commons West is like a dim sewer like place.

And then there is The Devils Footstool: It’s located at the far end of the Salt Flats and is a visually awesome gigantic stone pillar in the middle of the desert far below, connected to the cliff by a makeshift gondola made from one of Marcus busses tied to a cable. The arena is a small Eridian excavation site on top.


The problem was you had to run to them. So it became silly to set up. If it was a map you could port into, it would have worked.

It could potentially work now, but there’s already quite a long wishlist for BL3

Yeah, but I’m a serial map explorer.