The biggest problem with bl3 is

I’ve had a lot of misunderstanding about the difficulty of this game for some time since the release of Bl3. I thought I’d been playing best in bl2 but I’d experienced a lot of setbacks (especially for COVs). This happened because I didn’t refer to other players at all.

For example, whenever I heard that people were tearing all the arenas apart with Moze, I just couldn’t understand it. To me, she was the most difficult character to accomplish such a thing. On the other hand, the easiest character for me was Zane with the fastest movement.

My disinterest in this game was resolved on the way out to Amara for the first time. She had removed them all with only one BrainStormer under the circumstances surrounded by many Badass. It didn’t matter at all what great attack they made.

I collected information after the situation and every character in this game had that ability. I could see that they were all capable of playing like Gunzerker with a GrogNozzle of Bl2.
This game was a very easy kind, unlike my narrow experience.

From this point I could see the failure of this game. The enemy’s tactics and offense that are stronger than the bl2 and mayhem that offers players various strategies and tactics, all of which are a huge waste.
This is because the too powerfulness of the four caricatures nullifies them.

Of course I can clear SSHaft with Moze without doing anything like her hand grenade plus BloodLetter. But that is only possible if I have at least a neutral modifier.

In other words, it is too cumbersome and difficult for players to respond to their enemies while keeping the 101 of fps.
The game offers the player only two things (on mayhem3).The easiest fps in history and the most difficult and annoying fps in history (this is hyperbole).

With the exception of the other elements of fun that make up the game, the fps itself is a great failure of the game. That’s because I think the fun is in the balance between the two extremes that the game provides.