The Biggest QOL buff players NEED, SKILL PROFILES

Hey there, its probably been said before but hear me out. I think theres 2 ways to go about this honestly. The ultimate buff Vault Hunters can use is the ability to change respec their heroes on the fly.

Option 1 (Preferred)

  • In our skill profile or in a new tab on our echos, allow players to save edittable skill profiles and name them. (ex. Mobbing build, boss b., melee, pet, etc) keep the cost of respec the same 10%, and maybe even an eridium cost 1% with a max cutoff or something)

Option 2

  • BL2 had alot of respec stations available and honestly only having 1, being in sanctuary sucks. Airdrop us some more stations, in front of every circle of slaughter, trial, and even vault bosses /tyreen/special dlc. Also please include nameable savable/edittable profiles still. I dont think enough can be said about fiddling with the menus, accidentally speccing a skill in the wrong place, making friends wait on you, losing precious time to menus and the fatigue of going through them.

If its available in the echos to swap character builds it could be limited to everywhere but boss arenas or when you’re not being targetted by the enemy.

I think players find it too ez to play their optimal build and just run it through everything. I want to try melee builds and compare it to a mobbing build for sustain vs pure dmg. Instead im so lazy to just keep the same build unless im really stuck. On console honestly, you couldnt pay me to go through echo lag to change my amara element mid battle. Much less make me travel to sanctuary, and do all my skills again.


I think this is too big brain =( it would be so great though.

It’s not too “big brain”, and it wouldn’t be particularly hard to add a simple “Respec” option right into the talent tree.

At that point though, you might as well just give people all the skills.

While, for convenience, i’d like an “armoury / Closet” system where I can store like 5 different specs with gear loadouts for quick changes. Having said that, I don’t feel it should be accessible wherever you want.

It should be available on every map at least and in front of every raid boss, slaughter, and trial. Bl2 even had a ton of them in game, idk why we only have 1 location in bl3

I have 2 lv 50 moze and 2 lv 50 amara cause even respec-ing is annoying. I just get on certain characters for certain builds. I’ll be making a third amara and a second flak soon. My one Zane is more than enough since I never play him lol. My way of doing things is a bit extreme though and it would be way more convenient to have “loadouts.”


Ive been contemplating doing this as its possible on ps4 too. Id be able to save so much inventory this way…


I’m one those that loves playing around with different builds. Even tho I like a certain playstyle, it becomes for me boring eventually if I stick with one build for too long.

Having the ability to save a few builds would be very appreciative so don’t have to respec in sanctuary every time or mostavely because of some modifiers negating a build.
In case need to change anything or manage it, sanctuary is there.

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Like suggestion 1

If 2 need a respec booth next to a target practice dummy, more clear than the BL2 one, that you can mod. I.e. +40% shock resistance, -20 gun damage etc. So we can clinically test the weapons before entering a map. It won’t guarantee success in a map but it would be a valuable player resource.