The Biggest Thing That Bothers Me With Loot

I normally wait until I’ve saved 100k, and do a Loot Opening Buffet

However, this one thing has continued to bother me, and I couldn’t wait another 20 hours of gameplay to discuss it.

“Another one,” says my teammate Tyrell. We’re learning to speedrun each Op for a guide I’m making. We’ve got Attikus down to 17 minutes. Attikus has gone from pleasure to grind. One thing would change it: put the Attikus Op legendaries into Aria drop pool.

I had an idea for a Toby build, mastered, farmed it all out, drafted a script for the vid, almost 1 million credits later, I still can’t get the one legendary I need for the build – because it’s locked behind a dismal chance in a rogue pack, or the off chance we get a shift code for a legendary pack. It would feel kinder to be able to direct my farming efforts towards a boss or Op to get these loot pack only legendaries.

Bonus quality of life in loot, give class specific legendaries their own 30 bank space area. Find a way to retroactively buff the class legendaries of us lucky few who collected some before RNG was taken out of the stat roles on class items.


Idea for an event I’ve had in mind for a while: swap pack and boss legos so the packs drop boss spawns, and the bosses drop pack spawns. Not sure what you’d name the event…topsy turvy lootpocalypse? drunk lootpocalypse? but at the very least you could farm bosses for much smaller pools at the chance of getting those hard to come by legos. I was discussing this in the discord the other day:

If collectors can’t get all the pack legendaries, and people like me, who just play too much have almost no pack legedaries (i save up creds and buy epics every lootpocalypse, but i don’t farm ops for packs or anything, i dont even have all the skins yet :stuck_out_tongue: ), i feel bad for all the ‘normal’ or ‘casual’ players because theyre probably lucky if they ever get one in their entire career, whereas you’ll probably get a few boss legos just going through algorithm once.

I’m finally over 60 legos playing from launch, with minimal grinding, mostly boss drops obvs, but also several char legos too. The drop rates don’t have to be even, but events to make them easier to specifically farm would be great (hence the boss drops idea)

Thoughts? Maybe we can get it as an event. <3


Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!


Agreed. I’ve gotten 20~ Aria’s Encores… Though those stat drops can stay, all but one have been max stat :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, a change of pace alone would be a respite when grinding.

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It’s a great idea!

I know they can fool with this, there was the day Operation legendaries were more common in packs.

Loot pack specific legendaries are the Chimera of RNG: get a legendary in a pack, have it be one specific to the faction, the one you want, then a maximum roll. A bit much to ask for even the hardcore trying to do build videos, let alone as you said, normies trying to get a legendary for their main, etc,.

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What was that Rogue piece of gear you wanted for Toby? just curious.

Probably the one that stuns on crits against other Rogues (imagine that with double stun mine. Game breaking once drafts are out)


Yes plz! An other reason to buy the ops!!!

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Exactly! Love the idea of Ops. Loot centered quick dungeons, with great dynamic lore to boot, I just want farming thrown in. The 20 Minute command pack for the challenging 100 op point runs can get repetitive/tough.

Comeback King was the legendary, but the Rogue defined piece is a good idea.

Was your build by any chance Comeback King, The Long Goodbye and using Toby’s self destruct mutation?

Because anyone that uses that build has my respect.