The BindleBane Flop

I have zero issues with Marquis health in the new update, but his damage is the perfect amount to let players steal kills. They even can rob you of minions, as a huge Marquis fan, I could still get around 18 kills with his minor bonus damage nerf. However this recent nerf on his bane made me only see terrible Marquis around. Even if a ton of people wanted him nerfed, it is still unfair to those who played primarily as Marquis. It also forces me to not get in the battle with my team, but stay back and snipe. I also am a quick scope player, so now it is even harder to use him.

If you’re concerned with people stealing your kills, don’t be. In team-centered MOBAs like Battleborn, assists are almost more important. More people get experience, so you & your teammates level up faster. If you’re all getting experience, then not only are you getting more damage, but your teammates getting stronger means more meatshields to cover you when people try to run you down. Everyone wins.

I think this was the intention for the nerf. Snipers by design are supposed to play more passively, so Marquis having such ridiculous damage and- factoring in his shield- having higher base stats than several Melee & Support Characters while barely having a hitbox was a little much. To be fully honest, I don’t think Gearbox ever intended for their Teamplay-centric, Strategy-focused, MOBA-based game to be dominated by Quickscoping Snipers.

If you intend to keep playing Marquis, you’ll do fine: his pistol can still out-DPS Boldur, the quick melee-to-airshot-snipe combo still works, his escape options are still awesome- all you need to do now is play a bit more passive, as Gearbox intended for Marquis.

If you’re looking for a more in-your-face character with some sniping options to benefit your playstyle, I’d recommend trying Thorn; being a more aggressive player you’ll normally be close enough that you’ll hit arrows easily after a bit of practice, she still has awesome damage & mobility and her waveclear options with Blight still make her a beast in Meltdown & Incursion.

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Agreed, marquis should never be a close range fighter, it may get hobo patchouli stink on him (but seriously yes he is sniper not skirmisher)

I just wanted to say that your thread title would make an excellent dance move. In practice, something like The Worm, perhaps?

Come on, do The Bindlebane Flop with meh!

Being ranged isn’t really the issue, it is mainly the bane damage. I think they should have either nerfed his health or damage, but not both. It causes me to fall back more and not follow behind my team in the push as usual.

Yes, that is fine, but the damage and health nerf mixed causes me to be doing very little for the team. At least I feel, I actually enjoy getting minion kills along side player ones. I find myself running back to base do to the little stand I make

I’m not sure how to feel about his reduced damage but as for his health, I usually fall back in time to get away with my life. Doesn’t always happen though as some people are relentless. Considering the PvP environment, I felt that landing shots with the scoped mode should be rewarded with high damage, it still does but before it felt more impactful. The eins zwie die tick doesn’t feel as powerful either. I combine his abilities and I’m still able to help with a push and whittle down an enemy targeting another Battleborn or finish another one off but his damage is noticeably lower. Again, not sure how to feel about the nerf as I never expected it. Make him easier to kill, yes, but I wouldn’t have taken damage away at the same time. I felt that the damage he dealt before was just right and never had any issues with it, playing as marquis or against one.

Edit: killing minions is also a bit more frustrating due to lower damage. It usually takes me more than 3 shots for a single minion in scoped mode. The hilt pistol doesn’t do much to them either. Before he could consistently kill individual minions.

I am on the same page, I never die, but I just feel very weak. The health nerf is fine, but the damage makes him nearly useless.

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Land more shots then. Dmg nerf = less dmg per bullet.

Problem = less damage.
Solution = shoot more.


I went 15/0 with marquis on monument and took out both sentries at least 75% of sentries HP due to leg crit spots. His range saved me from getting any deaths at all, perhaps even damage.

Marquis is useless? I beg to differ.

Other problems including killing minions
Solution: Aim for red crit spots. They do 540 dmg. Easily one shot.
2nd solution: lvl 4 helix that does damage. One time bubble down, minion wave gone.
Proof of above 2 solution works: that previous match with 15 kills, I had 70ish minion kill. How? Consistently focusing on wave during front part of game. Now THAT <<<<< is helping the team. We had an oscar who ended up with no wave to clear and shifted focus on killing things that I’m shooting. Worked out pretty well since he got high kills too.

Reduction in health is just a nerf to bring him on par with other characters like orendi who is a front line and has way less HP than marquis.


I could do story levels on advanced with Marquis before all the nerfs.

Can’t anymore cause I don’t want to bother with dying like ten times before getting to the important skills on 5 and 7… after getting that far it’s not much of a problem anymore, but it gets really annoying…

Also, Normal Hardcore wasn’t a problem but now… not so much.

Had a party with friends and I sucked all the extra lives out…

I had the worst score, least minion Kills and Damage output…

I know there’s a “git gud” approaching, but I can’t help to feel like my favorite character is a gone for me, since I have no fun playing him anymore…

That generally means you’re not landing consistent headshots.

In PVP, marquis is the boss demolisher. His crits kills bosses very very quickly when build right. I can easily do 700,1k per 2 shots (with the helix choice on 2nd hit passive) which is 1.7k damage in less than one second. I like to see any other character do that without using skills. Yes Oscar can use his ult for 3k dmg but by the time his ult ends, I would have exhausted 2 clips. That’s 16 bullets. 1.7*8 = 13.6k dmg.

Just did a duo heliophage and it was lucky I chose marquis. The mobs hunted us down like mad (thanks AI) and the bosses just camped their spawn points. Lucky I have a sniper rifle which has no dmg dropoff.

If you’re losing in minion kills and damage, your team mates probably have really good aim (if they play the few classes that DPS really well like oscar or whiskey) or just pretty much stood in front of the mobs and attacked the ■■■■ of the wave.

As marquis, in PVE your general role is boss killer or priority targets (like the minion spawner thrall or the crazy tentacle madness mob that demolishes melees). Its sad that now with the damage nerf, he does a lot less. But his boss killing potential stays when you land those consistent crits.

I play PC so ofc aiming is much easier. Not sure what you play on, but if its consoles then you’ll definitely get hit badly since its slightly harder to aim on consoles compared to PC.

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