The Birthday Thread!

So I said I would do this a while back, but I never did because I’m lazy and forgetful. Here we are though.

#The Birthday Thread

Come here to get your well wishes and/or jokes about death creeping ever closer. Post on behalf of others or for your own birthday (because how else are we supposed to know?).

Irish here, actually on the ball.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite fan-ficcers, @GenErick64! Joyous anniversary of your birth, sir!


Thank you Irish, its a happy suprise you held your word. :heart:

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my birthday is 11/27 so mark it down… I want a thread and lots of likes

November birthdays. -fist bump-

Irish, you should keep a list. November 20th is mine.

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I’m not the only one capable of keeping a list :wink:

but you are the best at it, and thougtfull and caring, and will do a great job at it.

@SuitableTrain8 @daerksiea

I share a b-day month with you people?

itsTwister Level Up! Twister Cake Get!


Dec 7th over here.

Happy Birthday @itsTwister!

@IrishRebelA07 Great idea!


Mine is on the 7th of April. Which is pretty soon.

I have to post this in a birthday thread. It’s obligatory.

Also, mine’s August 10th.


I like how y’all keep posting your birthdays with some sort of expectation of me. It’s cute.

If somebody else wants to take list-making upon him/herself, I’m Oct 25 :wink:

Well, you did make this topic :wink:

I just took this sentence as an implication to post our birthdays. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate all of you, because you all know that I’m a nice guy and I’ll eventually just :heart::heart::heart::heart:ing do it…

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You somehow remembered my birthday.

You said it was upcoming like two days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ssh, Im basicaly just taunting people.