The Bitch: a weapon that needs some love

So Gearbox has been talking a lot of game about their nerfing/buffing. Honestly right now I’m not terribly familiar with specific weapons that have gotten buffed other than Maggie, and I’m sure many of you folks tend to remember certain weapons getting nerfed hard.

With that in mind there have been a few woefully underpowered weapons that need a look, and I’d like to call attention to one of them: the Bitch.

The Bitch has been in all of the main games, and has had its place as an incredibly accurate smg with big payoff for hitting your crits. In Borderlands 3 however, that has simply not been the case.

Here you can see the weapon card. Poor damage, and what’s more baffling, a comparatively paltry critical damage bonus. Even with an ideal anoint like +100% weapon damage, or Zane’s +70% critical damage while Barrier is active, it seriously underperforms and is outclassed at sustained crit damage by other Hyperion legendary SMGs (and possibly even purples)

So what should be done to improve this weapon? Doubling the gun’s base crit damage is probably the best way to go, at least for starters. What does the community think?

Honestly , the damage needs to be straight up doubled if not more. As far as I know that has to be the lowest damage weapon on a card at level 50 I can think of