The BL1 Random Talk Thread

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Here’s a thread to talk about anything BL1 that doesn’t deserve it’s own thread. Want some minor info? Want to mention a build you’re playing around with? Want to do some good-natured friendly trash talking (emphasis on friendly and good-natured)? Here’s where it goes! Basically, so I have a place to talk random BL1 instead of in the Off-Topic. Also, now Kitty will have a place to put them if I do anyways :P.

I’m playing around with an Eridian com and Eridian guns on Lilith. I’ve disliked most of them, but the Eridian Blaster is kinda growing on me. Been trying to make the Fireball work, seems I have to get a direct hit to make it work (I thought it was sort of AoE at first). Too bad it can’t fire very often before losing charge.

Random Talk Thread Mk. II
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Speaking of unorthodox Lilith builds…
I’m finally getting my Lilith up to 69, the last toon I’ve yet to do so with. Anyway, before I really start farming gear for her and all, thinking of building her with all those melee skills she seems to have, and going full out-of-phaselock melee damage. Expecting it to be bad, but goofy.

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I’ve tried that. Works great against most Bandits, not so much against anything else. Be sure to have a spiked shotgun!

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Ye, was thinking the same!

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Split-screen Craw farming. Using Lilith to kill Craw and have Mord on the other screen. Doing it so I have the guaranteed win of Lil with the hope of getting good Mord gear.

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Well, this will hopefully stop from any off-topicness from us both.

Did some solo farming yesterday, got a decent Dahl Stinger, but still no Torgue Anarchy in the parts I want it in.
Seriously, there are only a few items left I really want but RNG just gives the finger towards that.

On the other hand, I finally got a perfect Bulldog w/ Carnage barrel, which is insanely fun to ■■■■ around with.

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Heh. Mord’s just standing at the entrance to Road’s End and a Badass Lance just keeps shouting at him to go away. He’s basically shouting at a wall.

That’s why I made this. What funny is that this is the second thread I’ve made to stop myself from derailing

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Oi, depending on if I fall asleep or not I’ll be online tonight. Want to annoy you with my new Bulldog shotty.

Anyway, did you start on your Lilith Eridian build because of the blue one you found?

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Yep. Wasn’t even really a build, just changed out my Merc with the Eridian com and messed around a bit. Didn’t bother making a spec for it. I might once I get two more Eridian Blasters, though.

But for now, just doing some farming. Hoping to get a decent Gunfighter from Craw.

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I’d love one, but with the build I’m running it wouldn’t really fit.

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Honestly, I just want one to make my Shredder more powerful. Looks up stats. It’s 460 x11 damage, 0.0 accuracy, mat 3, and it’s 2-shot. It’s a monster up close, and the Truxican com doesn’t really feel suited for the gun as well as a Gunfighter would.

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Only items I am actively searching for are a Bessie, Rose and a Torgue Anarchy with HX body (prefering stockless).
Might take awhile…


Also, what’s the use of the Revolution anyway? It nerfs what Vladof is good at and its magsize is still lower than a S&S rifle with the same mag.

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I’m searching for one better than mine. The only way to improve mine would be Mag 4 and Stock 5.

I’m looking for a second one of 'em too :P.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #14

My Desert Anarchy is mag4, stock 4 actually.

I’m willing to settle with any Bessie that isn’t riddled with baseline parts. Hopefully someday, it is the last item I’m searching for for Mordi.

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Just got the 19% shield capacity 5th line Tactician in a vendor. Only one more perfect 5th line com to go for Roland

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #16

Now, if some of your luck could transfer to me that would be great.
Found the Bulldog I wanted, my tenth Pearl and still no perfect Merc COM nor the Torgue Anarchy I want. Instead I got 2 Gashers, one worse than the other.

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You gave up some of your luck when you put that Casual Flakker with matching grip in the vendor for me, remember? :P.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #18


But I do kindly want it back now.
Otherwise I just wish the worst possible Bessie upon you.

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Ok, well Flames borrowed that luck but never returned it. You’ll have to go to Canada and find him if you want it back…

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #20

Would be easier if I didn’t live on the other side of the pond.

But anyway. You might see me online in a few hours. I’m in for a bit of farming, Craw aside though. That bastard owns me alot of money.