The BL1 Random Talk Thread

(Is this thing on?) #181

Obviously didn’t want to get blown up by his own tanks. Quite sensible, in my view!

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #182

Yeah, but
A. It’s floating in mid air
B. It reappeared on his back once I agro’d him. So he got blown up anyways.

(Is this thing on?) #183

Well, you can’t say he didn’t try!

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #184

Reminds me.

There’s a building in Old Haven where Lance spawn inside of, while there’s no exit. Somewhat messed my run with Mordi when I was proficiency grinding.

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Yeah, but that I’ve seen before, and am used to. This I have not seen before.

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Last night @FlamesForAll asked me to write a guide for him about soloing Craw as Brick, Roland, and Mordecai, so I did. I want to post it here and see if @Frightning or @MeltintheSun or anyone of the like would have any info that I might have missed, or worse, got wrong.

General Craw tips:

  • Keep moving. You don’t have the “Oh sh*t!” button that is Phasewalk, so you can’t hide behind a rock and expect them to not see you.
  • Kill every Green Worm and Maggot that spawns until you have 3 Armored minions. They are slow, and that will work to your advantage. DO NOT KILL ARMOREDS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! You had a tendency to kill them when we would fight Craw, and it was almost always unneeded. ONLY kill them if you’re in FFYL, and ONLY if you have no Green Worms or Maggots to kill instead.
  • Sometimes the game will be a total dick and only spawn Green Worms and Maggots to troll you. Just accept the death and hope the next attempt is better.
  • Sometimes you will make a poor decision and end up stuck between a rock and a Craw place. It will happen. Just chalk the death up as nothing more than a mistake and try again.
  • The Major League Craw killer is the Masher. As I’m sure with your must-be-sent-to-a-mental-institution-obsessive hoarder ways, you probably already have 2,000 Mashers across your mules.
  • If you don’t want to use a Masher for whatever reason (like if you’re Sniper only Mordecai), then make sure whatever you’re using to kill Craw with is either non-elemental or explosive, because he resists fire, shock, and corrosive.
  • Just as a refresher: Use fire on Green Worms, shock on Maggots, and corrosive on Armoreds.
  • If you don’t remember or never realized, when Craw starts moving extremely fast, it means he’s going to do the ground jump attack. If you see that, try to flee to the other side of one of the pillars. You’ll be immune to the attack if there is a barrier between you and him.
  • Craw spit is a bitch to avoid. If you’re behind cover, stay there until he stops. If not, do the best you can to avoid it while avoiding his minions.
  • Sometimes Craw can have wonky pathing, and will turn toward the wall while following you, exposing his back. Take advantage of this.
  • Bunny hopping helps to avoid minion spit.
  • If you see a Green Worm charge you, try to jump to the side in a timely manner. If you time it right, you can avoid the attack.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy and use first aid kits when you’re learning to fight Craw as that character.
  • Craw and his minions are one of the few enemies in the game that can do enough damage to trigger the healthgate mechanic. Healthgate is a mechanic in every Borderlands game where if your health is above 50%, no amount of damage can put you in FFYL (except for environment damage like barrels or getting ran over). When you are below this threshold, your health bar will flash grey and red. And since this fight is one of the few that can do so to you in this game, try to be above it if possible. Don’t freak out about it, but don’t ignore it either.
  • Idea of Fun from MeltintheSun: For extra fun, you can hang out near the cliff edge and try to get the maggots or green worms to charge you. If you can manage to dodge it, they’ll go flying off the cliff and you’ll only have 2 minions to deal with. I’ve never been able to decide if it’s really worthwhile, but it certainly can be fun.

The tank, the pain bringer. Arguably the most underrated character in the series. He mixes stupid damage with stupid tanking. Just remember that he has no health regen skills (apart from Blood Sport, but that’s melee only), so be smart with your shield tanking.

  • Brick can have the highest Damage Per Second (DPS) in the entire game, but it is all dependent on kill skills. So try to strategically choose when to kill a Green Worm or Maggot before unloading into Craw.
  • A price of having insane DPS potential is that Brick can run out of ammo faster than a doughnut shop filled with stoners. So if you have to take points out of Master Blaster in order to use less ammo, do it.
  • You cannot punch Craw to death. Don’t even try it.
  • If you’re dying too much with an offensive com, don’t be afraid to switch to a defensive one.
  • If you don’t mind glitches, Brick has a speed glitch. What you do is you activate Berserk, then instantly press Select to open your menu. You will now permanently move as fast as you do in Berserk while being able to shoot guns and throw grenades. You’d be amazed at how much this helps in avoiding Craw spit and ground jumps.
  • Die Hard will give you a year-and-a-half to get a second wind. Don’t be afraid to let yourself get downed. Once you get back up, you’ll have most of your health back. Just remember that the more times you go down in quick succession, the shorter your FFYL timer will be until eventually you just instantly bleed out. Try to avoid going down long enough that the FFYL timer can reset.
  • While in Berserk, you regenerate 3% of your health per second. Use this if you feel like you need to. Just be aware that if you’re using the speed glitch, this will undo it.
  • If you feel a Green Worm or Maggot is getting too crazy, you can melee them to see if Bash procs. If Bash procs, they will be dazed.
  • Side note: It feels extremely satisfying to punch a Maggot to death.

Run of the mill soldier. No frills, just get the job done. I have less to say about him because he’s so simple, but here you go.

  • The Turret is a gift from God himself. It not only is a great distraction, but with Supply Drop it gives you ammo every few seconds… which automatically seeks you out so you don’t even have to be near it to get ammo. It won’t do much in the way of damage, but with agro draw and free ammo, who cares? Be sure to set the Turret to shock bolts so it has a chance to injure (or if you’re lucky, kill) a Maggot while it’s out, without being able to harm any Armoreds.
  • Deploy and Refire are the key to having your Turret when you need it. Always max these skills out.
  • Quick Charge and Stat are your lifeline. Use them.
  • Frightening recommended me to use a a Heavy Gunner com with the Damage 5th line. I pass that advice to you.
  • Do not use a Support Gunner com. It’s worthless when you have Supply Drop.

Mordecai is a glass cannon, meaning that he can dish out the pain like no one else, but he is extremely fragile. This was that hardest one for me to solo. But once you get it down, he is absolutely ridiculous. There are people that have killed Craw in six shots as Mordecai, one shot per weakspot. We won’t be doing any of that, but the single shot damage potential of Mord is stupid.

  • Riotous Remedy is one of the worst skills in the whole game, maybe even in the whole series. Never use it for healing, because it won’t be reliable in any way.
  • If you ever hear someone say that Bloodwing sucks… F*ck them. Bloodwing is the key to Mord’s survival in this fight. The ability for him to possibly daze all 3 minions and give you a massive amount of health return from the damage he dealt cannot be overstated.
  • Revolvers OP, plz nerf. Revolvers, especially Mashers, are the single greatest option for Mordecai. The damage output of these can be broken powerful, even without kill skills. But once you have Killer and Relentless active, it’s all over. As long as your aim is true, you will absolutely f*ck up Craw for the next 7 seconds those kill skills are active.
  • For Mord, Jakobs Mashers are the best. The Gunslinger com offsets their naturally slow fire rates, Focus helps offset their naturally terrible recoil, and all Jakobs guns have more damage than every other manufacturer as well as having an unlisted crit bonus. They are the undisputed choice of Mashers for Mord.
  • If you want tips about fighting Craw with Sniper Mord, I can’t help you. Sorry. Try asking Kitty, she literally has somewhere between 10-15 Mordecais, all with different builds and restrictions. Or ask her if you have any questions about anything Mordecai in general…

I give up. Crawmerax might as well be Actually Invincible
(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #187

For extra fun, you can hang out near the cliff edge and try to get the maggots or green worms to charge you. If you can manage to dodge it, they’ll go flying off the cliff and you’ll only have 2 minions to deal with. I’ve never been able to decide if it’s really worthwhile, but it certainly can be fun.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #188

Yeah, I’m going for advice to help beat Craw, not stuff to have fun with. However, when I was soloing Craw as Roland, a Maggot did fly past my face into the abyss, and yes it is funny :P.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #189

Hey, it’s a real suggestion. If you’re having trouble avoiding them, you can try it.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #190

But if you fail, then it’s instant death. I’ll put it in as a fun suggestion, but not as a practical one since it’s really risky.


Thanks, guys!

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #192

I’m still waiting for Frightening to give his input since he’s a living BL1 encyclopedia.

(The quick and the dead) #193

-Green worms honestly aren’t that bad, sometimes I don’t bother trying to kill them if there’s only 1 or maybe 2 of them up. They’re more dangerous than armored worms but are way more manageable than Maggots (those speedy bastards will require you’re nearly immediate attention whether you want to give them it or not). Doing this can help a lot if the game is trolling you and not spawning armored worms, since maggots are far worse than greens.

-Maneuvering in craw’s lair as not Lilith is rather important, the arc and pillar are the key bits of cover, but you can’t pitch a tent either, so I usually try to orbit around them, but sometimes craw is positioned where this isn’t really possible, in these cases, following the back wall (not super closely but not too far away) and making a run for it actually works pretty well, this is can also save you having to double back into those armored worms you worked so hard to get and end up having to kill one or more of them to 2nd wind.

-Honestly having the right gear REALLY helps alleviate frustration (and makes the fight much easier to manage). Masher’s are best for killing craw himself (AX body if you can find it), besides that for shock weapons, imo Orion is about the maggot killer in the game (be sure to shoot at the ground in front of the maggot to get it to split and triple your DPS that way), if you don’t have an Orion, surprisingly enough a Thunderstorm is about the next best thing for maggot killing (Nemesis is actually even better than Orion but being a Pearl you’re lucky if you have one, let alone one with decent parts). Fire weapons, Hellfire is pretty much king, though Firehawk is also really good (especially for Mord if you run Gunslinger), honestly your fire weapon need not be super great, key thing is that it procs frequently as it is the proc and DoT stacking that does most the damage to craw’s minions). As for Corrosive, against maliwan legendaries are the stars of this show: Defiler and Crux both being superb (which one is better is rather build dependent and ofc which one you have a better example of).

-If you insist on sniping craw to death, then Penetrator is fantastic if you have ammo regen, otherwise a non-elemental PPZ semi-auto should do the trick, though aiming it well will be a challenge, trust me. (can you tell I’ve done this before??).

-You can actually avoid nearly all of craw’s spit even in the open, the key I found, was to sprint jump, sideways then away from him, then sideways again but in opposite direct than before.

-Similar to the above, minion spit is easy to avoid if you know they are spitting at you, since they always try to lead your movement, side-step as they start to spit, then after 3-rd projectile, change direction and voila, they all miss you.

-I’m pretty sure Borderlands 1 has no healthgating, but rather, craw has attacks that do % based damage (e.g. craw spit is 100% max shield, probably some flat amount +% current for health).

Brick stuff:
-Thing about Brick’s stratospheric DPS potential is that it is highly conditional, not only do you need on kills, but a decent chunk of that DPS potential is from Payback which triggers on shield depletion. With neither of those, he has barely any DPS buffs (sans significant effects of his few offensive coms). In craw’s lair, you’re frequently without on-kills, so a massive chunk of Brick’s DPS is usually unavailable (though when it is, you can really tear into craw fast).

-Ammo as Brick really shouldn’t be an issue, just remember to use the ammo vendor to top off all your ammo pools before taking the lift up to the fight and shouldn’t be running out.

-Berserk is nearly useless in Craw’s lair, only thing I’ve used it for is health regen and only when I am not imminently threaten by craw’s minions and craw himself is underground (and even then I cut it short as soon as craw pops up and get back to killing him).

-Com choice is matter of do you want some help on damage front or more tank. Best all-round damage choice imo is Warmonger, Blast Master synergizes poorly with best gear and nature of craw fight, Warmonger is much better suited to it (and even better in coop). Ogre com can be pretty good despite being shotgun focused (shotguns are not half bad versus craw and appropriate elemental versions are decent against minions, but imo the loss in power from running shotguns is not off-set by gains from running this com; the nice thing about Ogre com is that it buffs Die Hard, which is awesome in Craw’s Lair).
Best defensive com imo is a Titan com (+% shield capacity 5th line if you can get it without sacrificing other benefits), +4 in Unbreakable is ideal as that skill is the main reason Titan is SO good in Craw’s Lair (I can stay on my feet practically forever in there with my maxxed Titan com). Centurion is also pretty good but imo inferior to Titan (reason: no Unbreakable chaining), if you’re lucky enough to have it a Tank Pangolin Enhancement com then that is another great option (of course the only thing in the game that drops that com is Craw himself).

-Character build for Craw as Brick should be a pretty standard Blaster-Tank setup, get everything in tank tree except possibly bash, and everything in Blaster tree except possibly Liquidate and Cast Iron, and maybe no Wide Load though I have done solo craw kill with only Rocket Launchers (I don’t recommend it, it took me ages to kill him (read 15+ mins) idk how I managed to not die that entire time as I had a few close calls and, remarkably enough, I managed it first try too).

As for Roland:
-Turret is an amazing distraction and aggro sink, and ammo source. Use it…I said USE IT!!
-Recommended skills you gave are spot on (Deploy and Refire for turret, and Quick Charge and Stat for sustain), other skills you should get are your Supply Drop (3/5 is enough solo), Impact, Overload, and Metal Storm; Scattershot and Assault are highly recommended if you are using weapons of the applicable types. Fitness is the logical choice to get to Overload since you don’t want to stay near your turret in Craw’s Lair (and it synergizes with Stat).
-Heavy Gunner really is the best com Roland has for Craw’s lair (and it’s thankfully a very common com drop for Roland), he doesn’t have superb tanking coms like Brick does, and his other offensive options are weapon type restricted which inhibits gear selection freedom (which is a big deal in the lair). Commando is a decent alternative if you want to go mostly shotgun route.

As for Mordecai:
-Riotous Remedy is garbage, get Out For Blood instead (you’ll thank me later). Use Bloodwing to heal you up, you can manually call him back to you by using your action skill again, this is extremely useful when you really need a healin! Be sure he’s hit at least one target though or there’s no damage to heal you from (healing is applied when Blood returns), also use Explosive element for Blood as that will damage all types of minions and enough that you can actually heal a fair bit off even one hit (recommend Bird of Prey maxed as Blood can bounce between two targets and rack up damage and therefore healing very quickly).

-Unlike Brick, Mordecai deals metric butt tons of damage ALL the time, especially when he can crit things, Which you can do to everything in Craw’s lair, in fact that’s the only way to damage craw himself!

-Pistols in general and Revolvers especially are dumbly good on Mordecai, Gunslinger is a great com choice for Craw fight in part because it buffs your masher which is your Craw killer. Add to that Loaded buff help your Orion and Firehawk+Defiler and well, you’re set to dumpster the lobster in record time (I’ve solo’d him in about 30 seconds at least once before). Jakobs masher’s are best for more reasons that just being mord and running Gunslinger: Because of how the math works on the Masher accessory, the more damage buffs a gun would otherwise have due to its parts, the better, and well Jakobs is good for one thing: Damage. This is why 2-shot Jakobs mashers can get about 700 more total damage (+100 per pellet) than other manufacturers per shot (same math reasons are also why 2-shot mashers are so good).

-If you insist on killing craw with sniper rifles, then a Penetrator is probably best bet, though any decent PPZ semi-auto will work fairly well too. Be sure you have a Sniper com with ammo regen or you will likely run out before killing Craw. Also, Volcano is a solid green worm killer, especially on mord because of his sniper buffs (you can 1-shot greens w/ a good volcano when you land a critical hit).

-The Gunslinger com is probably the best choice for fighting craw, but if you’re really struggling to stay alive, than a Survivor com is actually a great alternative, as the health regen is really strong (up to +18 per second!).

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #194

After they rammed my Roland directly into Craw’s mouth the exact instant I got out of FFYL 3 times in a row, I became pretty sour toward them…

It does, the reason normal and burning psychos take away almost all your health when they do health damage instead of sending you into FFYL is because of healthgate. BL1 does have it, but it’s not prominent like it is in BL2.

Past that, it looks like everything else you said was just a more in-depth explanation of what I said. At least I didn’t mess up badly :P. @FlamesForAll Read his post.


Epic you guys!

(Supreme Orbital MAN Sage) #196

Seems like good stuff overall. However there’s one odd little detail that seems out of place…

  • The turbo-chicken is totally overrated Only thing he’s the key to is the lock on the dumpster he lives in.

  • Ain’t nobody need no chicken for fightin’ Craw.

Granted, all joking aside on that front I do respect the usability of Blood as well as the clear cut advantages to that particular Action Skill. But, as my joking would imply, the ability is far from necessary.

  • As an aside to that joke (this portion having nothing to do with the turbo chicken) I oddly recommend an Orion when going all Sniper-mode. While Craw indeed has resistance to it, its ability can provide a player with extra little options for engaging the foes present. Not exactly easy, but its satisfying to shoot Craw in the back while he’s coming straight for you.

  • Only other major method I’m aware of for hitting Craw’s back while he’s facing you is to use a Rocket Launcher. Granted I can’t recall the location precisely, hitting a particular spine on it from the front will allow the splash to hit the weak point on its back. This can be quite beneficial as a panic solution if you’re willing to carry a Rocket Launcher in your backpack for the fight. Of course any legendary abilities involving odd stuff could also prove themselves worthwhile routes here.

Mind you, for anyone who’s taking note of what words I’m spewing from my fingertips here; My generally preferred playstyles aren’t what one would consider to be “efficient” or “normal”. But if one is willing to be stubborn enough they can achieve some junk. Or at least hobble together something that works… sort of.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #197

Started a new Lilith to get a feel for Sniper Lil for when I build a PC and start a playthrough with @Stouty22. And until I get a sniper, I’m running with no weapons equipped. Melee everything! :P.

(... you can also call me Marla.) #198

It would be cool to see your first Sniper! :))

I remember @Stouty22 saying I should get in touch with him… Dude I did not forget that! We can be three if that’s ok! Now that I have found my first pearelscent, I only need a new high Lv Specter COM and some more experience with sniping. Thanks to Craw my proficiency is almost at Lv50. After that I am ready to be a team player.

:blserious: :blsmirk:

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #199

It was a crappy level 4 Jakobs from the beginning chest. Then a Vladof from the chest in the area where Zed has you kill those Bandits. Then a Jakobs from the white chest in Nine-Toes. And just now, a Purple S&S PPZ7.3 Barrel 5 Liquid Wrath Fire element as a reward from T.K. (score!).

It’ll be a fresh playthrough. I just wanted to get a feel for sniper Lil before we started that. So you can join if it’s fine with him, but pick someone else! :P.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #200

we tots should have a threesome! I mean… uh…

no but seriously I would be down with all 3 of us starting a playthrew together… but I call dibs on a atlas only roland!