The BL1 Random Talk Thread

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #201

Well, alright… But just don’t block my sniper shots! :P.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #202

lets make it a full blown foursome! @Fluffypancakes10 asked yesterday to start a new play-threw as well…

I feel like one of us should record this… 4 decently well known forum members all starting a new play-threw is probably pretty rare tbh.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #203

Wouldn’t this be hard to organize? 4 people at once? Especially since my job doesn’t have standardized work times. It’ll be fine during summer since there aren’t as many events during summer, but I’ll get really busy once fall and winter happen.

As long as YouTube doesn’t mind my stuttering and my tendency to ramble on about stuff :P.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #204

You and fluffypancakes are decently active around this time so I guess we are ok with that. If @m0rla is too this shouldnt be as difficult. also yeah my corny jokes and absolutly nerdy voice should compliment your stuttering and rambling lol

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #205

Good thing I have a deep voice xD. One other question, is your name actually Drew?

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #206

Indeed it is!

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #207

Oh crap. Well, first name basis is out the window since it’s my name too xD

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #208

Well you could always call me by one of the many pet names ive been giving threwout the years… Drew-B, DrewBeedrewbeedoo, stouty, Andy(if you do ill punch you), Drewbear… the horrible list goes on. I started hating most of them to be honest, but they grew on me over time. Cept andy… never call me andy.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #209

What about the time zones? I’m US Eastern.

(Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! ) #210

DrewBeedrewbeedoo, where are you? We’ve got a playthrough to do now…

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #211


(Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! ) #212

I’m Also EST

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #213

Ok, well time scheduling shouldn’t be an issue. I guess we’ll talk more once I get my PC parts ordered and built.

In the meantime Fluffy and m0rla can argue on who gets to be Mord and Brick :P.

(Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! ) #214

Dibs on Brick, called it

(... you can also call me Marla.) #215

Bahh guys… I am UTC/GMT +02:00 Germany. But I’ve seen a few of my friend list online on steam. Unfortunately I am super busy doing two jobs and researching and writing a (seminar) paper. But that’s August only. And since the second job is in the library I bet most of the paper will be done there… September is another story though. =_=

Since you give me no second Lilith, yeah, I totally will play Mord. ZING* :blattidude:
And you can call me Marla (like the title says), Morla or… Marlene. Am I the only girl in the round…?!
@Stouty22 @ACNAero @Fluffypancakes10

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #216

Guess so XD. worst comes to worst me and the 2 other guys can do our thing till they go to bed then you and me can have our own seperate playthrew since I am 3rd shift.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #217

Great. But I’m Sniper Lil, so don’t block my shots! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you’re 6 hours ahead of us… I guess if you naturally stay up really late it won’t be too much of an issue.


I have a minor annoyance with BL co-ops where the girl in the group always has to play Lilith, because their viewers might get confused or something (or at least that’s what I think in my head). Nice to know that we’ll be breaking that gender coordination :dukecheese:

(Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! ) #218

So when do you guys wanna start?

@Stouty22 @m0rla @ACNAero

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #219

Once I build my computer sometime later this month or early next month. I’m looking at cases right now (since I have limited space I have to go case first then parts).

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #220

I’m going to miss the shenanigans we pulled on the PS3…