The BL1 Random Talk Thread

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #282

Have you ever tried a pistol build with Her? I used pistols on one playthrough with her and it was quite fun once I got a tormentor mod. And pistols have good proc anyways for the most part. I had an ok equalizer masher as my main and chose mostly revolvers but machine pistols were good as well just helps to have a protector for when ammo gets low.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #283

Well, I do have a Barrel4 Defiler, might give it a shot when I go back to this game.
Also, speaking of the Hammer, Lilith has a Painfull Brute (ZPR630, barrel4) I never remember finding that has a similar performance but a higher mag.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #284

Yeah I like the brute versions they’re pretty solid shotguns. You could main a shotgun and have a mix of pistols and ammo wouldn’t be a huge concern. Revolvers and machine pistols. Maliwan revolvers and repeaters are pretty good on her. Just about everyone ran hellfires on her and it is great on anyone but I was running a TK Firehawk just to be different.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #285

Before I gave most of Lil’s gear to Mordi, she ran with a Orion, Serpens, Draco and a Guardian. Mordi found a better version of the Serpens and decided that @ACNAero could have my old one. Really want a Barrel4 Draco and Serpens for her. But anyway, thank you for the advice, I’ll see what I’ll do when I return to this game (maybe after Wolfenstein).

Oh, as for her current loadout:
S&S Mauler, Draco (barrel2 sadly), said Brute but don’t remember the fourth slot.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #286

Yeah I always like doing different things away from the norm after the initial couple playthroughs but it just depends on what your into. My old splitscreen buddy ran an all atlas Lilith at on point and was pretty successful. Had a pearl havoc as the main and two x2 revolvers for corrosive and shock and pretty sure it was a ZPR fire shottie. May have been x1 but not sure on that one.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #287

And that’s the best thing you can do with the VH’s. Break the mold and try something new.

(Lee Harvey Oswald) #288

once again , thanks for Gearbox to doing the work to put BL1 onto Steam. Once Gamespy died the last thing i wanted to do was play a pirated version on one of those pirate servers.

I’d rather just pay for the game and play the officially supported version.
again, thanks so much Gearbox.

(Infinitewisdomtech) #289

Atlas weapons were always some of my favorite to use in the game. They’re of a high overall quality and usually have good bonuses.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #290

Yeah love atlas weapons. Only snipers are underwhelming IMO although some are decent there are so many better options. If only snipers would’ve proc’d better my specter could run an all sniper setup. Gotta have my Plague shottie for that reason.

(The quick and the dead) #291

I prefer barrel5 stingers (vectored) to DAs. That’s just for SMGs, outside Mercenary lilith, she has no reason not to use any weapon ever.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #292

@Fluffypancakes10 @m0rla you two still up for the coop?

(travisforeshew1) #293

Hello all! Could anyone please help me get the “And they’ll tell two friends” achievement on xbox!? If anyone has it please let me know. I’m just a completionist looking to finish up borderlands. Thanks.

(Is this thing on?) #294

Sure. When are you going to be on next (day/time/time zone)?

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #295

I made this thread for BL1 talk a while ago :wink:

Anyways, each weapon boosting com does have it’s own ammo regen capabilities, but it has to spawn with material 3. And with Roland, Supply drop makes the Support Gunner almost pointless for solo play. I can understand the initial attraction of the Support Gunner, but you’d really be better off with any other com as Roland for solo play. I guess if you’re using a Double Anarchy and/or a Double Thantos then maybe Supply Drop wouldn’t be enough, but I’ve never used those on him, so I don’t know.


I never really tried to min-max in the first borderlands, my soldier build was pretty much aiming at healing, fire-rate, weapon stability and increased mags (and you had so many points that it was difficult to not achieve something good anyway. also, tediore shields healing shields…) and I used to mostly play co-op with some fairly ammo-expensive weapons (hellfire, serpens and ogre, aries was really economic though).

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #297

Yeah, my Roland’s main two weapons are the Serpens and the Orge (an Ajax variant, no less) and the Rifleman com with the ammo regen 5th line. I can see why you’d think those would eat ammo though. And yeah, I said for solo play; for co-op it is a great com to have for your teammates if they don’t have ammo regen coms as well. I’ve never had an Aries drop ( :frowning: ) but revolvers don’t really use up ammo that quickly.

(band) #298

I’ve had it in my mind to finish those damn Robolution achievements as of late, so went my merry little way to camp in a shack close to MINAC.

Decided that was enough for one sitting, finished off the yellow tin can, and made a small discovery about the mines he puts out. If you find where he drops them and shoot them, they’ll keep on exploding. A decent Double Thanatos with Gunslinger COM puts out a lot of bullets. Lots of bullets> lots of explosions> computer having a bad time.

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