The BL1 Random Talk Thread

(Lee Harvey Oswald) #302

Is there a 3rd person mode that works reliably?
i’ve modified my willowinput.ini files and got it working but its unreliable.

are there a set of rules to follow as far as camera settings … FOV … Resolution stats that makes it work in the best possible way?

(band) #303

Was talking with Stouty, bemoaning Vladof in BL1, especially their legendaries. To me they have the least amount of identity compared to the other manufacturers. Yeah, they’re the “we shoot the most bullets the fasterestest” guys, but they didn’t lead the industry in their specialty as much as the other companies led in theirs.
Want a juicy tech elemental? Maliwan’s got your back!
Want a heavy hunk of bulletspitting metal with no recoil? Dahl will keep you steady for sure!
I bet you can’t hit that bandit waay over yonder! Hyperion doesn’t beg to differ(we don’t beg), but we certainly disagree.
Want to shoot a ludicrous amount of bullets in the blink of an eye? Vladof has you covered I mean most of the time but not always and when we are it isn’t thaaaaat much of a difference…

Even their legendaries don’t seem to stand out all that much. We have the

  • Rebel(repeater- overall better repeater with noticeably extended magazine)

  • Vengeance(machine pistol- insignificant bonuses over barrel5 and a glitched chance to bypass shields)

  • Surkov(sniper rifle- faster RoF and a bit more damage, very nice reload)

  • Revolution(support machine gun- It’s a S&S Support MG. The larger magazine size is traded with less RoF… which just about makes it an inaccurate S&S model)

I mean, these all seem so tame compared to the other legendaries. And yeah, the Hammer and Mongol are great and fun and awesome, but I really gotta wonder why 4/6 of their oranges seem so basic. I dunno if it’s a thing where at higher levels and higher overall qualities of weaponry the other manufacturers catch up to Vladof, but anymore they seem to do Vladof’s job nearly as well.

All that said, one place where the Vladof really does sell itself as you’d imagine is in DLC3. I mean, when you look at the Chopper and Stalker what other company could you think of?!?

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #304

I always said if they would have given Vladof a kickass fire rate and just decent overall stats it would have been a lot better. A top end revolution with a chance at a 15 to 17 FR would have gotten more usage. Although I did have a couple Of rebels X2 elemental that I used on an all repeater Mord…

(band) #306

Mmk. So. I was going to put this into one of the two existing Craw killin’ threads, but there looked like the type of thread that asks a question and is then answered. Case opened and closed.

Also… I like this thread. I’d like it to get some more eyeballs, get some more general BL1 chit chat in here.

@VaultHunter101 Saw a couple of posts of your asking which element is best for each Craw minion, and I had some time today. So I threw this together.

Like usual, I think I went a bit overboard. Probably could do without all the text, a simple image of each minion with the elemental symbol next to them would be enough.

Just thought, “hey, maybe VH101 could print this off(and use a ton of ink in the process, sorry), and tape it to the side of their monitor next time they try Craw killing.”
The colored text might’ve been a mistake.

(Is this thing on?) #307


(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #308

You done good son, you done good.

(Is this thing on?) #309

General question though: How do you hit Craw’s back spots when you’re playing solo, since he is almost always facing you?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #310

@Stouty22 has a good method of running straight to the right where the two pillars joined at the top are. You can kite Craw around that stone structure to get a glimpse of Craw’s back. Stouty runs straight thru the two pillars and when Craw comes up out of the ground you should be positioned far enough behind Craw to where you can turn and snipe/shoot Craw’s back. That might take a bit of RNG. But usually, if you run straight for those pillars Craw will go underground after launching up in the air. The pillars usually shield you from that nova blast Craw puts off when hitting the ground. all while you are running to try and get positioned behind Craw. When Craw pops up out of the ground you should be in position. That will probably take a bit of practice. I plan on trying that method out myself. It seems quick. which is what I’m going for. :wink:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #311

couldn’t agree more about this comment. Revolutions are pointless, imo.

I’m thinking of doing a car crash montage. I love the physics in Borderlands with how crazy the runners can get.

(band) #312

I had this sick moment where I was mid-turn in a Racer when the boost ran out. Not entirely sure what happened, as it went by really quick, but I think I managed to fishtail the back axle entirely in the air.

It wasn’t even that tight of a turn.

(band) #313

So. Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole.

I don’t understand the doors in this place. On my Mordecai, I spawn in and the front door is closed while the back door is open. ALWAYS. Front closed, back open. Been like that for years.
Roland, Lilith, and Brick are the same. Ok, just checked, everybody is the same. Front door closed, back door open. See, it’s been that way as long as I can remember, EXCEPT when I join other player’s games.

Could anybody go check their Lucky’s doors and let me know how the doors are when you spawn in? It’d be cool to get the door so when I spawn in they’re open in the front and closed out back, but I have no idea what triggers them to save their position.

This is just some strange thing that has mystified me for years.

There was some other weird thing I wanted to mention, but I forgot what it was.

(Is this thing on?) #314

Is this during or after the connected main story mission?

(band) #315

After, and yeah, I thought the completion of that would make sense to set the doors.

I’ve got a new character that’s pretty close to that point, I’ll make sure to mess with the doors before I turn it in and see if that does anything.

You kill the bandits in the back, open the back door, walk in. Find Lucky on the throne, turn in the mission. Back door open, front door closed.

What confuses me about it all is that it’s been like this since… I don’t know. At least 2014. You’d think I would’ve toyed with it before or just by chance opened or closed a door before turning in the mission.
It seems to be a global setting, it really is shared between all of my characters. Was it set the first time I ever did the mission, back in late 2013?

(Is this thing on?) #316

Pt.2 Roland (level 57) solo.

  • Start up at Tartarus Station
  • Travel to Lucky’s - front door closed, back door open.
  • Select a mission from Lucky’s board
  • Travel to Fyrestone
  • Save/Quit/Restart
  • Travel to Lucky’s - front door closed, back door open.

Quite happy to try that again if any of the XBox crew want to test in co-op.

BTW does the WIRED final quest for Robolution DLC just endlessly reset? Could have sworn I’d finished that…

(band) #317

Haven’t experienced that one yet, no.

(Is this thing on?) #318

I think I figured it out - I’d finished the DLC in Pt.1, but had held off in Pt.2 Everything else seems to be OK, so that’s my working theory anyway.

(band) #319

Well, that was strange as hell. So, I got that character I mentioned to Lucky’s. Got the doors the way I’d like them, double checked, and turned in the mission.

Before I turned it in the front door was open and the back one was closed.

After I turned it in, the front door was closed and the back one was open.

What the hell?

(Is this thing on?) #320

Forgot to mention that the character I tested had long since turned that mission in. So, turning in the mission somehow resets the map? Weird.

(band) #321

I’m thinking you can set the doors one time, the first time you ever turn the mission in. I said this a month ago, but I’m close to completing my computer. Before I transfer my saves I’ll do a fresh install of BL and see if I can’t get the game to stick the doors the way I want.

Oh, I remembered the other thing I wanted to mention.

There’s those hang-time rewards for catching big air in Runners. “spend X seconds in the air”
I’ve gotten them all before, but only cause I had a weird landing where the game didn’t think I was flipped over or my wheels(or whatever constitutes “landing”) hadn’t touched the ground.

Does anybody out there have a legit way to gain so much actual airtime that you can get the higher levels of the medal?

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #322

I have a question for you guys, does anyone ever just vendor farm? I know I do on occasion, I’ll farm 6 different easy to access spots in one run typically.