The BL1 Random Talk Thread


To bad it does last. It woulda been so funny to see him shoot his floating gun using his telekinetic powers

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #122

I hate Volcanoes.
The fact that the game treats them like they come in every box of cereals makes it even worse. Just found 3 of those ■■■■■■■ things back to back.
Same goes for the Equilizer.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #123

Just found a perfect level 68 barrel 4 Plague. I’ll post the picture later.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #124

I could be an ass and post my Rose again. :stuck_out_tongue:
My opinion on Maliwan still stands though.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #125

Well, just found a Omega.
Mat aside, it has the same top of the line left/right side as my Rose.
And honestly? I’m rather annoyed that it isn’t the Bessie that spawned.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #126

I’ll take it then if the sight of it annoys you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #127

Even though it is mat1?

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #128

Hey, a rare shield is a rare shield. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I was just making a joke. I’m not trying to presume on you. It’d probably just sit in my bank as a collecting item anyways.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #129

Well, if you have something really good to offer…
It isn’t like that the Omega is on my want list or anything.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #130

Nope. Was making a joke.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #131

Collecting dust in Lilith’s backpack it is then!

(band) #132

I once had that happen to me with a BA Shock Trooper. Was a cool opportunity to see how cool their armor is.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #133

Same unit followed me around.
It was rather a violation of privacy

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #134

Solo Roland vs. PT2.5 Crawmerax, Attempt #2. If I succeed, I will have solo’d Craw with every character. My first attempt about 2 months ago ended with Craw at 1/10th health, and Green Worms trolling me by pushing me into Craw the moment I got out of FFYL… 3 times in a row. Let’s see how this attempt goes.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #135

Just don’t drive of the edge on route towards him.
Like you did earlier today when pushing me around.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #136

Death 1: Trolled by Green Worms.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #137

Simpsons did it.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #138

Death 2: Craw spit. Green Worm burrowed underground 2 shots away from death like an assh*le.
Death 3: Green Worm troll.
Death 4: Craw Bite. Only had back left, almost killed Armored for second wind, but another one stepped in front of it 1 shot before I could kill it.

I’m done for now.

@cajnatalie Are there any Roland vs. Craw tips that you can give me?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #139

Only 4 tries? Lightweight :smile:

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #140

Only so much money I can spend :P.