The BL2 Trading post

Hey Vault Hunters!

Are you looking to trade elitest gear?
Are you looking to swap pure manufacturer weapons for other pure manufacturer weapons?

Well if you’re not looking to have your character power leveled and want the creme de la creme of gear, please post here!

I’m looking to start a trading thread of serious vault hunters who want nothing but the best equipment for their OP8’s or 72’s. I’m talking ALL MALIWAN GENTLEMANS PIMPERNELS, or ALL HYPERION CONFERENCE CALLS!

If you think you have some EXCEPTIONAL gear please post it here and ask others what you can get for it.
Please post weapon parts (ie, grip, sight…etc) as well as stats (ie, damage, fire rate, shield capacity…etc)
Most importantly, lets make this a friendly thread Vault Hunters! Have some fun, get some gear and BLOW SOME SH*T UP!!!

I’ll start it off with some lvl 50 Magic Missile (Purple x 4) grenade mods.
This slag mod will carry you through to OP8 with little damage for the odd time it blows up in your face. Regenerates grenade ammo and fires four (count ‘em FOUR) balls o’ slag at your enemies with a high slag chance.

I’m currently looking for:
Lvl 72 Practicible Conference Call - Shock and Corrosive
OP8 Gentle Blockhead - All Tediore
OP8 Twister - Any Twister will do, but really looking for a Rustlers with all Jakobs parts.
Obviously I’m looking to gear up my Mechro right now lol.

Can’t wait to see what you veteran hunters have to offer each other!

Personally I’ve never seen an all Maliwan Pimp let alone a pimp without its regular Dahl barrel. So do you have a screen shot of an all Maliwan?

Also I believe you meant Gentle* Blockhead

Yes Gentle.

Obviously not. It’s just a lot easier to say it that way.

Edit: Also I would expect an “All Jakobs Twister” to still have it’s Torgue barrel, much in the same way I would expect an All Maliwan Plasmacaster to still have an E-tech barrel. Perhaps in the future I’ll be more specific.

Looking for a Sledges Shotgun Slag with blade attachment and an ogre of any kind…got A lot of legendaries/pearls to trade, just ask and I probably have them