The Bloody Harvest... Let's be honest

Greetings Everyone! Oic869 here! Ps4 user.
Warning Rant incoming…

Well if you are still reading settle in…

Let’s talk about the Bloody Harvest and the crippling disappointment that probably plagues every player that completed the challenges. I do first and foremost want to make it clear this event was free and gearbox didn’t have to give us anything for free. That being said the main Bloody Harvest was a massive let down for me and with the new hotfix the event is even worse. I’ll list my reasons why then breakdown the list.

  1. The quest.

  2. The dungeon.

  3. The boss

  4. The loot

  5. The hotfix

  6. The quest: How on gods green earth do you come to the conclusion that players want to run the same quest 25 times? I get that the challenge is supposed to be a challenge but the level of redundancy is beyond tedious for players who just want to farm the boss for event specific items. Travel to sanctuary, get quest, travel to farm spot, Kill ghosts to get goo, travel back to sanctuary, give goo to Maurice, start dungeon. We can now enter Heck. You must eliminate the key master of each area to progress through heck aka no bypassing mobs to get to the boss. You beat haunt and travel back to sanctuary for a pat on the back and a few dollars. Was that alot to read? Cus its alot to type and even more to repeat 25 damn times! (Seriously that’s like 6 loading screens a run.)

  7. This dungeon: cool looking area and that’s really about it… the fact you cant speed run the area coupled with the fact that enemies dont respawn and the prerequisites to enter makes the actual event area one of the worst places to farm event items (lol seriously how does that happen?).

  8. The Boss: I’m honestly torn… Captain Haunt is simultaneously the best and worst part of the event. He’s cool looking and has a great boss moveset as well as good fight mechanics and the invulnerable stages he has lets his shield charge making him formidable even with favorable modifiers… but guys come on… how have you not learned your lesson with big fat holes in boss fight areas! If I go all the trouble to face off against Captain Haunt the worst feeling is when everything he drops falls into a pit. (Not that he actually drops anything)

Whew we are about half way through if you made it this far… Go you! You’re a champ!

  1. The loot: The loot for this event was honestly underwhelming and I think the terror annointed effects brought more to the table than any of the event items. The drop rates on the event as a whole was laughably low but the boss drop rates were just insulting. The fact I killed him 30 plus times before the 1st drop rate buff and got just the shield and 3 other non event legendary items. IF I JUMP THROUGH EVERY HOOP TO KILL A NON REPEATABLE 3 INVULNERABILITY STAGE BOSS I BETTER SEE IT RAIN GOLD AND PURPLE OR IT IS NOT WORTH MY TIME!

  2. The hotfix: If this hotfix was designed to fix or improve the event then it is a massive fail. No quality of life fixes for the problems stated in the first two items on this list. You might say the goo drop rate is a buff but you only collect goo to run haunt who’s drop rates are still hot garbage. (5 runs so far Haunt drops 2 legendary item neither annointed) This is made worse by the fact captain haunt just got an enormous buff to his shield… you know… the one that recharges while he’s invulnerable? So wait… you meant to tell me that a boss I already dont want to fight at the end of a quest I dont really want to grind
    Just got even more annoying to fight? Isn’t the event centered around Haunt? If nobody wants to be bothered to fight him and the quest leading up to him sucked then how do you call Bloody Harvest a good event? I didnt want to be bothered to kill his weaker version and after this hotfix i did a few test runs to see if the loot was worth the added challenge it most definitely isn’t. The funniest thing is they buffed loot ghost drop rates so now the ghosts are all people are gonna farm. The weightless ethereal 1-3 bullet kill red and gold spirits I can get to in 30 seconds got more in their pockets than a giant bulletsponge undead ghost captain I gotta work 20-30 minutes to get to and kill? I mean… ok?.. guess we can all just collectively avoid captain Haunt like the plague then…

Well look at that you made it to the end of my rant congratulations! You deserve a cookie! I’d give you a cookie but you made it to the end of my post and that means your a bright lad! And of course bright lads dont accept cookies from strangers. Cheers!


I hate Haunt. I hate his invulnerability phases. I hate his adds. I hate his ridiculous fire patches. I hate his tendency to cover his shield generators with his invulnerable shield. I hate the hole in the middle of his stage - not because it swallowed loot that doesn’t exist, because if that was important the loot machine grabbed it, but rather because it tries to swallow me and then I’m scrambling around on lucky roots trying to escape. The buff to Haunt makes me further wish my friends would stop dragging me to Heck on the rare occasions we get to play together.


Just want to let you know you can actually efficiently farm ghosts in heck. Just run through and kill everything, right before Haunt travel back to Sanctuary then enter back through the portal and everything will have re-spawned.


You probably only have raisen anyway and we all know how to deal with that injustice!


if you do the quest in one sitting then i agree it is tedious, best to enjoy it is you do some side missions then once you finished one and get 25, you run heck hole. (although the last 5 captain haunt kills i did, i farmed via save and quitting with another account with the quest save just before jumping to captain haunt).

you actually can speed run it, i see someone finish it in 4 minutes.
I actually like the map, a good mobbing area with no annoying anointed.

I agree invulnerability sucks, but i like the fight mechanics of it compared.

terror anointed alone is already worth it, fearmonger is decent, scream of terror is nice with the niche control thing (even graveward, tyreen etc. can be controlled, lol), and the ghast call is the new pipe bomb/hex.

i agree though captain haunt drop rates sucks and hope the hotfix fix it already. although i got a decent anointed on him but not the new legendaries.


As much as I like Tina, I vehemently disagree with her about cookies. I love oatmeal raisin cookies. Indeed, they’re one of several common cookies that I generally prefer to chocolate chip.


I love oatmeal but hate raisens. So if it is oatmeal chocochip I will eat it. If it is raisen I will avoid it.


A friend and myself, both diehard veterans of the Borderlands franchise with ridiculous amounts of hours played, were dismayed to note that this particular feature could have been copy-pasted straight from Warframe.
The same is true of the ‘challenges’ associated with the event - rinse and repeat ad nauseam till you can finally check that particular box and receive your reward.

The difference being that Warframe is a live game, an F2P MMO where this sort of thing is expected and largely justified.

For those saying that all complaints are invalid since it’s a free event, I would urge them to think more carefully about how the internet as an ecosystem works. Very few things are actually free: the constant spam of social media tie-ins and ‘VIP’ programs in the character screen is a reminder of that.

Seeing that we want to play the game as it was made and continue to pursue our build- and theorycrafting, there is legit nothing to do except wait until December since several changes affecting character builds and game functions are applied by way of hotfix.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a creative project will be aware of the phrase ‘kill your darlings’ or various analogues thereof.
If an idea badly detracts from the whole without having sufficient merit in itself, it needs to go.
Gearbox would have done well to remember this rather than turn it into a 6-week, game-global event.


I don’t understand why people have to have everything immediately. I’m enjoying this event, I’m in no hurry to get everything, it doesn’t bother me that I can’t just drop in and kill the boss repeatedly like you can with Graveward. What’s the rush, just play the game and you will get everything in time and if you don’t it’s not the end of the world. It won’t be long before all the gear we have now will need to be replaced with higher level gear anyway. That’s the way it goes, slow down, enjoy the ride, just try to have some fun and make use of the stuff you do find along the way.


Careful before you get Mommy Moderator giving you communication lessons.

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When does this event actually end?

I quit playing because I find the ghosts and “terror” to be really annoying and have stopped playing until its gone.


December 5th.

New characters can play at least until sanctuary without any ghosts so if you haven’t yet leveled all characters past that point maybe that’s a way you can play for awhile. I haven’t noticed the effects of terror and I found a shield that regens ammo so now I’m going to miss the free ammo regen when this event ends. I currently don’t need to loot boxes anymore through areas as I just let a ghost hit me and get all my ammo back to full.

Just click on your profile picture then click on your name then choose Log Out. Close browser. Problem solved. I won’t even charge you my regular consulting fee this time.


My exact sentiment, first I was happy that goo farming is quicker now but then you have to spent more time killing annoying Haunt… I know the fight is still quicker than farming the goo but still.

Also I’m scratching my head that they spend time buffing a event boss, that is gone in 3 weeks anyway instead of spending more time on real bugs this game has since launch.

Well you seem like a decent human being, so can I still have a cookie? :yum:

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I see your point. It is so bad we got some whining about whining. Won’t say who but bet you can guess.


Stopping you here to point out that many players are reporting vastly increased drops, which means your entire complaint about the hotfix not being a success is purely based on your own singular experience.

(I did read the entire post, and realise that it’s too late to “stop” anything)

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Do you take Atlas’ insurance plan? I’m in desperate need of consulting borderlands therapy. I can cover most of the copay in SS Munitions guns I kept from the General Knoxx dlc. They’re considered antiques now that the company went out of business.

Edit… Oh yeah, on topic: I just don’t want a free event in the future to completely overtake my entire experience on the game. I really hope all my grenades don’t turn into snowballs, and all tedidor guns aren’t reindeer in December (however adorable red nosed hopping exploding deer might be)…


Sorry, off topic but they aren’t out of business they just don’t have a market on Pandora anymore, thanks to Bandit. Same with Atlas which as a company was still active in all 6 galaxies just not on Pandora anymore, in the time between 1 and 2.


I love you for your lore knowledge. Can we start a bandit gang together?

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