The Boom Sickle is my fav... Shotgun?

While doing a Slaughter Star run with my Boom Sickle, I had a round keeping track of shotgun kills for bonus. As I jumped around 1 shotting maliwan, the counter kept going up. That’s odd, Boom Sickle is listed as an assault rifle. After asking @Prismatic, he ran a test. Not only is it being counted for shotgun kills, it’s receiving shotgun damage bonuses as well, not assault rifle.


Lol that’s interesting, I have my suspicions about the Faisor underbarrel aswell.

At least that one says it’s a shotgun haha. I’m just mad I thought I had a god roll blast master for it, but now I don’t cuz the assault rifle roll is worthless

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My guess is that Underbarrel attachments are generally treated as what they are rather than what they are attached to (grenades, rockets, shotguns etc) and that the Sickle is basically treated as a Shotgun attachment without a primary firing mode.

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Haha yeah but I’m curious if it gets the bonus from AR or Shotgun like the sickle.

Yeah, well the sickle is still really powerful without the bonus. Time to farm for those shotgun bonus.

Normal sickle is still an AR. As are both Faisor Barrels.


I guess if they were ever did a Jakobs rocket launcher or a Torgue sniper this is how they’d go about doing it :laughing:

So, the sickle is AR, the faisor is AR, and the faisor shotgun is AR.
But the boom sickle is …shotgun? Lolwut. Is that a part thing?


Does it still count as a shotgun without hotfixes?

As long as its ammo still comes from the assault rifle pool, that’s fine by me!

thats the most broken part about it.

most powerful shotgun in the game has an ammo pool of 1000. everything else? 220.

I suppose, but I typically never have to reload either way.

its more a complaint that a lot of other shotguns have ammo issues.

Hmm, this means it should benefit off the Splattergun right?