The Border Lands demake for a mobile game?

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So I’m kinda new to this whole forum thing, but I have been itching to ask people in the borderlands community about things that cross my mind from time to time about the game I love and all it’s related content. On that note, I have been wondering peoples thoughts on the ‘retro’ The Border Lands game that was out for awhile before the original borderlands 2 was released to help hype the game. I remember it was fun if a bit mundane after awhile, but with a few tweaks here and there (adding different characters, changing location, having a goal based system instead of the wave based one, etc.) I think it could b a fun little borderlands mobile game. I wanted to see what everyone else thought of it so that’s y I’m here. Sorry if this is a bit long and/or in the wrong topic section. Like I said I’m new to this, but wanna know your thoughts.

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Moved you to the right section, and welcome to the forums!

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If you mean smart phones then no, the original Borderlands will never touch those as the screen size and game play would require a lot of tweaking. If you mean something like the Switch, maaaaaybeee, but that is a long shot as well.

If they were to make a game for the Nintendo Switch or some other mobile platform that is similar I can see a Borderlands game going that route, but I do not ever see a Borderlands game for the phone any time in the future. The amount of flak franchises get going from console and/or PC to phones is just too much and I cannot see Gearbox ever making that decision when the backlash is as severe as it is.

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@Troubled I don’t mean the original Borderlands though. I’m talking about the 8-bit game they made to promote Borderlands 2. Its far less complex then a normal borderlands game. Idk how many people actually even remember it. I’m gonna try and find some screenshots of it. And @VaultHunter101 thanks for the relocation.

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Yeah I have never heard of it, but I was a late arrival to the Borderlands franchise so not surprising if I missed it.

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@Troubled I see. Yeah the game I’m talking about u can’t even play anymore.

It looks like this.

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Huh, the more you know.

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Someone posted about the Border Worlds mobile app recently - that was basically an updated version IIUC. However, that’s also no longer working and unavailable in stores because of changes made by the relevant mobile OS developers. Unless that was the same thing and the name just got jumbled?

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Nah, this was some promotional browser game. You’d start off in a square room, with 4 doors on each side. Enemies would flood in and you’d dodge around them. You could get different gun upgrades, it was sort’ve like those old top-down military games for the Genesis.