The Bordercast yesterday irked me

I’ve gone on record prior to yesterday saying that the Mayhem 2.0 changes, and further, the non scaling of action skills felt deliberate.

At 30:00 in the youtube video of the Bordercast, they start talking about the addition of this in the patch tomorrow, and Nick Thurston says:

“The important part for Mayhem is to provide sort of a gear check to make sure that, you know, if you’re on Mayhem 10 you need to be able to pump out mayhem 10 levels of damage.”

Ok, now sure, I can see what you’re talking about, to an extent, but you are acknowledging that Action Skill are specifically not taken into consideration for the damage output.

Meaning, Moze’s Class Mods that are Iron bear Centric, Her Skills in the Skill tree that are Iron Bear Centric, EVERY SINGLE ITERATION of her Action Skill, were specifically, completely, gutted, to make sure that we could pump out Mayhem 10 levels of damage.

They then go on to talk about how they are now these “underlying bonuses they are going to give players” when talking about the buffs to action skills.

This is Borderlands.
An Action Skill isn’t a underlying Bonus. It’s supposed to be the defining part of the character.

Sure, the trees give some characters better perks than other characters at certain things, but at the heart of it, those skill trees aren’t character defining without the action skill.

This isn’t an underlying bonus, this is supposed to be the Character defining feature.

I am just utterly frustrated that this is the stance that they have related to the Action Skills, and it speaks to the massive design flaws inherent in the Iron Bear Action Skill for Moze.

There were a significant number of ways that Iron Bear could have been designed to make sure that the gear you are wearing is impactful on Iron bear when you use the action skill, but they chose to do none of that, and go with flat static values. I’m not exactly certain that I have much confidence in seeing the character ever really balanced after listening to the rationale that despite moze’s only action skill being Iron Bear, it’s only purpose being to deal damage, having 2 class mods that are completely dedicated to Iron Bear, deep skill tree points dedicated to incentivizing players having to stay in / hop in Iron Bear as long as possible, that they would gut the skill so terribly to make sure that “we’re doing as much gun damage as possible”.

I don’t know, I was already pretty irritable about the whole situation, and listening to their conversation about this just irked me.


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