The Borderlands 3 Beta looks great!

Interesting choice to do an open paid beta. When do you think the actual game will be finished?

In all seriousness, here’s my review that I posted on Metacritic. Borderlands 3 review:

tl;dr Wait to buy. Unfinished classes/characters. Serious framerate/lag issues (PS4 Pro). Sluggish developer response to serious performance and stability issues.

Had you asked me at or soon after launch, I probably would’ve given it 9/10 despite the frequent massive framerate and lag issues (which are still very much an issue). However, given the recent round of “balancing” updates (with many more likely), I feel generous giving it 6/10. Keep in mind it’s been 7 years since the release of Borderlands 2.

The core issue is the state in which this and many other games are being released. It’s becoming normalized to release games that are more or less incomplete, many appearing more like Betas or even Alphas sometimes. If I know this is the case up front that’s ok (Warframe). If I know it’s a game as service (Destiny, Anthem, etc) I’m also more tolerant. If it’s a AAA single/co-op player PvE game that’s “gone gold”? Totally unacceptable.

It took people just days to figure out OP builds and weapons, so all must suffer now while Gearbox nerfs/buffs classes and weapons in the name of “balance”. Gearbox will probably repeat this “balancing” cycle for a few months (at least) while they actually finish the game, on our time, with our dime that we already spent on a game that was sold as complete.

The updates also made the game LESS stable for me on PS4. Pre-update I had 1 blue screen in 2 weeks. Post-update I had 4 blue screens in 4 hours. And that’s nothing compared to all the poor people who had their entire Bank erased because of Gearbox’s ill-timed and poorly executed updates. But we still have those pesky framerate and lag issues. You know, the actual problems with the game.

Post release updates for a solo/co-op PvE game like this should be bug/exploit fixes, buffs and DLC ONLY. Not “We just now realized that a class that works as advertised is OP and now we need to fix it. Again. And again.” Balance is nice PvE co-op, but does it really matter that much? Why not just buff the weak stuff and make enemies tougher if necessary?

Now Gearbox has a big mess on their hands because fans are righteously pissed that they took stuff away from them. Stuff that they paid for. This is inexcusable. And it’s completely and unequivocally Gearbox’s fault. I love Borderlands and have played them all, but I will not pay Gearbox to be their Beta tester.

While I have not yet set aside B3 for 3-6 months (or however long it takes for these ridiculous updates to subside) before I pick it up again like I think I should, it’s simply due to a lack of other interesting games at the moment. Once Outer Worlds and Cyberpunk 2077 drop, I’m dropping B3 until Gearbox gets it together and actually finishes it AND addresses the serious playability and stability issues that are it’s true problems.

I’m sure it’ll be a great game some day, but it’s not there yet.


Beta? Weren’t we in alpha yet?

This is dark… but sadly true.

Stop nerfing without giving alternatives!


Alternatives exist, people just chose not to use them because they haven’t self tested the changes. They wait for a YouTuber or streamer to present everything for them on a platter.

I’m having no issues clearing TVHM M3 with pet flak build with the recent change :smile:


another example of a game that was not tested, or tested too little and left to the community to fix after launch.


Exactly my point. Thank you.

Sure alternatives exist but are still limited compared to the options available because of so many talents not working at all. I would say we are currently playing a gamestate between alpha and beta.

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I must’ve missed the beta. The full game I’ve been playing has been quite stable.


Like a quarter of Amara’s skills are bugged in one way or another. The game went gold in July, and still none have been fixed. Amazeballs.


I’ve played quite a few betas and most of them have been stable. This doesn’t mean there isn’t some serious work to be done before a full game release. I’m still waiting for the Borderlands 3 full game that I paid for.


Can certainly say that User reviews on this game are far more accurate than actual Critic reviews and represent much more whats happening.
This is the score regardless of what I think.For me its fair considering what we got after release.And how many people were disapointed.

But , in time everything will come to its proper place. :slight_smile:


Stable =/= full game.

Until Amara has fully functional skills, until Zane has fully functional skills, until I stop respawning underground… Not a full game.


Sad, but true.
Especially since Gearbox could have had me beta test it for free.


Eh, I wouldn’t trust metacritic user reviews for any game, but especially for Borderlands 3. Most of those negative reviews came from PC gamers who were salty because it wasn’t on Steam, and because Metacritic doesn’t require you to own a game in order to rate it, they were able to review bomb it. The Playstation and Xbox Store user reviews are much more accurate because you are required to own the game in order to rate it there. On Xbox Store standard edition is at 3.4/5 and deluxe edition is at 4/5 and on Playstation Store standard edition is at 4.5/5 stars and deluxe edition is at 5/5 stars (playstation store rounds up to the nearest star or half star if the average is even slightly over, so in reality it’s probably more like 4/5 for standard and 4.5/5 for deluxe).


What’s interesting to me about this is that the overall score is mediocre, but there’s very few people who think the game is mediocre according to the actual stats there. It’s a real love/hate scenario with this game.

I’ve been critical over the past while, but Borderlands 3 is still an excellent game in my opinion.


Can assure you there are tons of people that love the franchise but put up a negative review.
Its how it works if you want changes.


For real! They should be done an beta open for those who’d pre-ordered, most of whom are probably Borderlands devotees. We would’ve tested the ■■■■ out of it for them!

I suspect it was knowlingly pushed out too early to maximally cash in on holiday sales with the unspkoken intention/hope by Gearbox that the game would actually be finished by then by utilizing it’s fan base as unwitting Beta testers.

Not cool…


And I’ve played full games that were more busted and/or went through far more drastic changes. Cry more if you like, but this is a full fledged release.

You seem to assume I’m referring specifically to the FL4K changes. I’m not. (And yes, FL4K still wrecks). My point is that it’s not okay to sell me an obviously unfinished game as a finished game (bait and switch) and expect me, the paying consumer, to help you fix it. That’s BS. I don’t buy a car, then find out I have to wait 2 months for the wheel update to arrive before I can drive it.


The unfortunate truth is that every modern game being released will be updated and patched. This is the industry norm. Nothing prevents you from playing ‘fully finished non buggy games’ from the 80/90s on DOS or console though is it (this is meant to be a meme because pretending bugs and glitches didn’t exist in old games is a meme in itself)? Lets just take a look at the ‘No Man Sky’ situation if you need an example.

I actually remember iD software sending out DOOM patches on FLOPPY DISKS. But i digress.