The Borderlands 5/19/15 Update Issues Thread

Please report any new or continuing issues after May 19’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection updates here: The Borderlands 5/19/15 Update Issues Thread

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This is the place to report any continuing issues after today’s patch. If you’re still experiencing anything that was included in the patch notes, please post it here so we can more easily organize them.


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This is very long.

  • The Badass challenge in Lunar Launching Station, Finish Him, is majorly bugged. It resets randomly and shows 4/5 when I know I have 0, shows 0/5 when I know I have 5/5.
  • Eghood respawning on a timer is useless and unnoticeable. Saving & quitting is faster.
  • Thank you for the SDU fix.
  • Opha Superior respawns. Cool, now assign a missing Legendary to it.
  • SH4D0W-TP’s, Eclipse’s and EOS’ health is still too high (this opinion is shared throughout the community).
  • Poorly scaled skills, damage wise:
  • You’ve Got Red on You
  • Hades’ Shackles
  • Wanted
  • Short Fused
  • Repulsive
  • Rainbow Coolant
  • Nisha’s melee animation is too long.
  • Both You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!! and It’s a Trap… Card return too less health. Also add Jack’s Supply and Demand to this.
  • Conduit only procs when applying a new shock DoT, not when one shock damage status effect lasts for a longer time. Its activation is unreliable.
  • Respawn timer? At least tell us how long? Why be cryptic and mysterious, give us an insight to how the game works please. Do we have to fast travel? Do we wait 3 minutes after we kill the boss and he just respawns.
  • Denial Subroutine has special loot? What loot? Why don’t you just tell us what loot?
  • The Bosun now drops the IVF as well. This wasn’t in any of the patch notes. Why? Please be more transparent.
  • Fast travel map overlaps with fast travel list. Hover with a cursor over P4ND0R4, Jack’s Office or Subconscious and you will have to be careful not to select a location from the travel list instead.
  • Audio of Claptrap in the Subconscious plays every time you enter the area after having completed the Tannis mission.
  • Audio of Felicity in Titan Industrial Facility plays every time you enter the area. This is a huge pain in my digital arse.
  • Fast travel stations in the Veins of Helios, Regoliath Range, the Motherlessboard and in the Cortex are highly requested.
  • Loading into the Cortex while having l33t h4X0rz in a failed state will cause the chest rewards of the Mutator Arena to be absent in any mutator other than the default inactive one. This default one has the glitch chest.
  • Mutator arena is too much fun.
  • Holodome is still bad.
  • Too many Legendaries have unassigned loot sources. The Grinder is not an acceptable alternative for so much of these items. We have available bosses and enemy types (Badass enemies) to assign these Legendaries and Uniques to.
  • Experience from enemies is way too low/experience needed to level past level 60 is way too high. Badass Scavs only give around 800 experience. The grind to level 70 is horribly balanced.
  • Armored target dummy in Deck 13½ has no crit spot.
  • Why is EOS (without shield) resistant to corrosive? I would think he is armored?
  • Omni-Cannon’s added explosive damage is too low.
  • EDD1.E’s shock attacks are too weak.
  • Wolf’s Omega Strike’s damage doesn’t increase with Rolling Thunder stacks. This may be intended?
  • Termination Protocol’s shock attacks are too weak.
  • My Absolute Zero’s skin texture is inexplicably glitched.
  • Just like in BL2, the Nasty Surprise has abysmal damage.
  • Enemies are sometimes frozen without being “frozen”. As in, they’re taking DoT cryo damage, but they are not immobile and clad in ice.
  • Our new shooting range is cool and the addition of a bank is nice, but a respec station would be very much appreciated.

Noted! Thanks, @umihotaru!

Ok, I don’t know whether this is relevant, but every time I have fought Denial Subroutine, he refuses to spawn minions until he is around 25% health. This is very irritating as I go down very often (I’m playing Nisha by the way) and am unable to get a Second Wind. Is this intentional?

New behavior as of the 19 May patch:

Near the entrance to the map Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4, if the mission Rose Tinting is available, a Hyperion Turret will spawn in midair, fairly high up, a bit in front of where MINAC will eventually appear. This Turret is hostile to the digi-bandits, who (hilariously) will lob grenades at it. I’m going to go waaaaay out on a limb and assume that this is a zombie body part of MINAC.

If Rose Tinting has already been turned in, the Turret does not appear.

I didn’t have any characters with Rose Tinting mid-mission, or characters new to the map (entering in storyline when the mission isn’t yet offered), so didn’t test those permutations.

Pre-Sequel, PC platform, UVHM.

Character customizations will now properly unlock for The Doppelganger and The Baroness

I checked my list of Doppelganger and The Baroness skins, before and after the patch. Doppelganger unlocked 2 more (Smooth CEO, Royal Highness) and The Baroness unlocked 1 more (Check Please) so I assume these were meant to be default unlocks from before and have now unlocked correctly. However, Doppelganger is still missing Vault Hunter Prime + Vault Hunter Resplendent and The Baroness is missing Vault Hunter Prime only, while the other Vault Hunters have both. It’s tough to tell if there are any other problems due to the lack of a definitive list of where all skins come from.

Another problem is that, when viewing heads/skins in the quick change machine, where it is supposed to say how many head/skins you have by how many there are (34/98 for example) for The Baroness it still lists how many you have by how many you have (34/34 in that example).

I’m on PC, hope this helps.

Beware of such requests, they might decide to increase the difficulty!
I think it’s very well balanced and that’s probably the best boss fight of the whole game.
Even though I very much dislike the invisibility thing and the constant rockets drops in coop.

I just did 4 or 5 rounds of bar room blitz to stack torgue tokens, then dropped down to fight pete and I cant damage him. This is on ps4.

Edit: after that I save/quit, and when I reloaded I decided to kill the people in the bar since I’m playing as Gaige, and they just keep respawning. Easy xp if you wanna level up!

Tonight I downloaded and installed the May 19th patch for the Handsome Jack Collection and continued our local split-screen coop game in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Xbox One. Now there are very bad lag issues for both players when either player enters their inventory or accesses a vending machine.


One thing I find very annoying is when joining someone elses game sometimes my skill points completely reset, and I try to many seperate builds with a different design, different purpose to them, and have a hard time remembering what from what. Also a issue I have is when going to pick up someone in TPS especially when their in ffyl ill get this quick change thing on my screen instead of picking them up this has irritated me so many times. Also the Stacks for Wilhelm on the skill Hard to kill disappear way to quickly to be of really tremendous use.


Also one other thing noone has clarrified and I HAVE asked I have a Master Blaster Com for Wilhelm which gives me 6 points in WTTGS, and 5 in Laser Focus. Now noone has been able to give me a straight answer, but if the Text is correct, GUNS is a overall General description meaning ALL no exceptions. So my issue is with these 2 skills buffed the damage with even decent weapons outside of legendary status should still be VERY strong, a whopping 73 percent! When totaled together. There are no conditions for these skills so they are always active. But it seems what is on the tree is not translating onto screen, please look into this to see. Thanks.

Claptastic & Main areas
Character: Lvl 70 Nisha

Post 5/18 Update -> Animations when interacting with vendors, bank or player gun list is slowing to a 5-6FPS rate. Makes it nearly unusable. Some sound issues when moving through fast travel.


Fyi forgot to mention these problems are on ps3 system.

The Longest Yard Hyperion laser missing audio when fired, PS4 bug.

The patch is brilliant on ps4. The ‘back to game select’ option is a small but very useful addition. Also love the element-specific light on the controller and extra use of the touchpad. Now if only we could set echoes to come through the controller speaker …hint hint future update ahem…
Edit:sorry wrong thread… I meant to post this in the other patch thread.


@joe_king @Jeffybug

Looks like we can reply now. Thanks.

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Yeah. It’s pretty damn long to get there. I’m still wondering how I’ll get the other 5 guys up to level 70. I just got Jack to level 70 today. If I had to guess I’d say it took 3 or 4 hours just to get from level 69 to 70. I was just doing regular missions and hunting enemies. Eventually though I decided that I had to do a bunch of side missions (I am also trying to save some of those until level 70). I am about to face Zarpedon and I wanted to ensure that the Rosie will be level 70 as well.

I know this isn’t a bug but, please consider giving us the ability to reset individual missions from our completed mission list. Doesn’t sound too hard to do, in my opinion. Even if it’s something you have to do from the main menu, I’d love it. Then I wouldn’t mind so much if I got a level 69 Rosie. I’d reset that mission and do just that one mission again once I reached level 70. I know that map access is tied to mission completion so I would understand if only sidequests could be reset. I do understand that I can reset the whole UVHM playthrough for something, but… yeah. And I’ll even do that willingly again, even at max level. But a mission reset feature would help a lot. Especially for those times when someone accepted a mission before you wanted them to.

Thanks again though for the fantastic patch.