The Bossun now drops the IVF!

edited: after a session of farming the bossun, i got the ivf from him on three seperate occasions, and he still dropped the cryophobia for me twice

I amm in the process of farming deadlift now

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I think it’s just the cryo, unless they added that to his pool recently.

Yah i thought he only dropped the cryophobia as well, but he has dropped it for me twice now, in the span of no more than 20 Runs. I wonder if it didnt have a designated drop and so they put it in his loot pool, or if he had it the whole.

If he had it the whole time someone woulda stumbled on it before. Either they stealth added it to his pool (I just checked patches and stuff it didn’t say anything) and we need to randomly farm deadlift and the other stooges and see what they added to their pool , or you’re incredibly lucky for getting two world drops so closely (that seems super unlikely).

i shouldve googled it in the first place. So its listed as having no specific drop source on the wiki. So the likely scenario is that they stuck it in his loot pool, which is awesome. The only other option being that an event with a basically incalculably low probability of happening, did happen, which isnt very probable :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome if they added some of the gear without drops. To all the different bosses in the game.

Maybe. Or maybe you just got that one in a million chance that “it drops from any notable loot source”. I’ve killed 2 random mooks on TVHM who have dropped Celestial mods, cause that’s the only legendary mod the game wants me to have but that’s a different story. I’ve also found a legendary popping rocks for oxygen.

Funny you mention that cause the only legendary i ever found just popping loot piles in bl2 was a baby maker. It is of course possible that i got that chance. But think about how improbable that is.

to have a gun drop off a 1 in 10,000 chance (which may have been reduced for tps, either that or have had WAY better luck in tps than bl2) from an enemy, and then within a time frame of about 2 hours have the same gun, out of all other possible guns, drop from the same exact person off of the same 1 in 10,000 chance! It hurts my brain just thinking about it haha

At any rate, i shall continue to farm him as he is being a rapscallion and refuses to drop hot head, and will report any further developments here

well he just now finally dropped a third ivf for me (with two cryophobias inbetween)

a refill, then a perma-sharp, now this one was a quality.

So yah, the ivf has been added to the bossuns loot pool… or some wise old chinese guy is gonna show up any minute and tell me i have fulfilled the prophecy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can confirm IVF drops from him. Hot Head does as well, but I’m sure i got lucky on that one…

Its the only head i need from him still, and he refuses to drop. Hes more than willing to drop fortified for me fifty more times though lol. To make matters worse, it dropped once, but when i quit out and loaded back up, everything from that session was gone :confused: