The Box For Reviving Toby Seems Small

I play Toby a lot and whenever I get downed people cannot seem to revive me too easily. It wasn’t until I was playing split screen coop with my brother that I realized that Toby has a seemingly small place where you can pick him up to revive him. I think the box is just Toby himself and not his mech.

I’d honestly love it if the box for reviving him could be all of him and his mech, because I’ve died several times because Jo one could revive me.

Has anyone else noticed this or is this just me?

I think it’s mostly because his model when dead kinda splays out backwards, but to actually revive him you have to be standing where he died, or in front of his model. That really confused me the first few times I played with a Toby.

Yeah it is super weird and I want them to fix it. It makes it hard to help revive someone when the box to revive them is so small.

It’s also the same for ISIC. you can only revive him from the front/side.

(joke post)

It’s because you’re reviving a tiny penguin in a mech suit. It’s hard to reach!