The Brainless Bottomless Mags Mobbing Build

Like Bottomless Mags but you don’t like putting a lot of effort into aiming at crit spots? Well, I have the build for you!

What you need for this build:

– A Blaster Master class mod with one point of Redistribution and at least one point of Pull the Holy Pin (two or three is even better).

– A tesla (damage over time) grenade mod.

– Your favorite rapid-fire weapon (splash damage is good, but not required).

Here is your skill allocation. The mechanics of this are pretty simple – as long as the tesla grenade is damaging an enemy, it will be returning grenades (through Means of Destruction) and ammo (mainly through Redistribution proc’d by Pull the Holy Pin) to your ammo count. Drowning in Brass and Phalanx will build up your gun damage and shields with each kill.

Equipment Recommendations:

Class Mods: The Blaster Master as I don’t think you can roll Vampyr and Pull the Holy Pin on purple rarity mod. I’ve already talked about the skill allocations, but the best bonuses to roll on the mod are weapon and grenade damage, but Splash/Area-of-Effect damage can also be nice.

Grenade Mods: This is your most important piece of gear. The Hex is undeniably the best-in-slot option, but the Storm Front and Quasar are also good. The Rain or Diluvian Firestorm also work on large, slow moving targets. Non-Legendary tesla grenades are also good entry level versions, just keep an eye out for them in the ammo vending machines.

Shields: The Transformer pairs will with shock grenades as standing in their area of effect will actually replenish your shields. I’m also partial to the Re-Charger and Stop-Gap; the best attributes to roll are a combination of capacity and recharge rate; double recharge delay can also be good on a Stop Gap, but it won’t matter once you unlock “Shield Reboot” through Guardian Ranks. The best anointed effect for shields is “Gain 75% extra health and shields for 25 seconds after exiting Iron Bear,” but 13% damage reduction after skill ends is also useful.

Weapons: You have a huge number of options here, but my favorites are the Lazer-Sploder, the Faisor, the Ogre, and the Damned for Assault Rifles; the Nighthawkin, the Cutsman, and the Firesale Musket for SMGs; the Flakker, the Trevonator, and Shredded Bangsticks (the more pellets the better) for Shotguns; the Devastator or Echo for Pistols. The Lyuda is the only sniper you will ever need and the Quickie is the only Heavy Weapon you will ever need.

Bonus 50% damage for 2 mags after skill’s end or after exiting Iron Bear can be a really strong anointed effect for guns with large mags as you will never need to reload them. Bonus 100% damage or 125% damage to boss enemies pairs can also be useful, but it is better suited to weapons with small mags and fast fire rates (i.e. the Lyuda). Infinite ammo for 5 seconds after exiting Iron Bear is also super useful on the Lyuda and the Quickie. You will not be using Auto Bear, so avoid anointed effects that only proc while it is active.

Artifacts: This is up to your personal taste, but I like Snowdrift or Ice Breaker Otto Idols. The best bonus stats to roll on an artifact are bonus mag size, bonus damage, health regen and shield regen rate. Action skill cooldown can be helpful if you actually use Iron Bear, but I don’t, so I avoid it.