The buffed Firestorm .. or as I like to call it "Please just stand still!"

New weapon damage buffs is great… . but the splash damage is slower than the Lobs projectiles… you can fire it and then check your email, so at least my correspondence is up to date.

But seriously, it does very well against non moving mobs. Can anyone make a map where all the non moving BL3 mobs are at ?

I like this gun with my Moze but the damage wasn’t to my liking. With this buff I’d probably revisit this gun. I got some good anointed ones in my bank.

It’s usable against mobs in Proving Grounds Fervor M4. I am using one with 75% Incendiary bonus while Auto Bear is active.

Nice buff.

Cistern of Slaughter, lots of fleshy non shielded things in a confined area.

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Yeah , I had fun with it in the survival proving grounds. Mainly used it and had about the same finish time as my fire Kybs…

Pretty nice in the right situation.

its gonna be insane , if krakatoa is a vladof

Bruh… Its a sniper rifle, its not exactly a tool for arena combat (slaughter/trails) but more a tool for sniping… A gun you’d use on a quest.

Edit: I’ve only just logged in now to behold the buff… WOW love it.

I’ll fire it then switch to a cuts, its good fir laying down the splash then weapon switch to pick em off and now true to its namesake. Osu

Yeah, my original post may have been a bit premature. The more I used it and learned the mechanic , the more fun I had with it. It hits like a sniper and a few well placed shots can destroy groups of mobs.

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