The buggy mess of circle of slaughter

TL;DR: Dont play circle of slaughter online.

I´ve been trying to finish COS rounds in the last 4 days. From around 20 attempts, NONE were bug free, and i managed to complete around 5. 15 failed due to gamebreaking bugs, disconnects or other people being fed up from bugs…
Again: N O N E were bug free…

Major bugs (which all of 4 players in the round experienced):

  • Sudden disconnects or lobby break-ups
  • Enemies stuck in walls and unkillable
  • Sound bugs (persistend annoying sound of enemies who already died)
  • Camera bugs (stuck shacking camera in certain areas on map)
    Need an example: Ill describe just this single day (last 3ish hours):
    Setup: Wife and i in a team, joining other players.

Try 1: Got disconnected mid Wave 3. (including sound+shaky cam bug)
Try 2: Crash to Desktop for wife, lobby full and she coulnd rejoin (■■■■ happens) (incl. sound bug)
Try 3: Lobby disbaned -> Disconnect at Wave 4 (incl. sound bug)
Try 4: Enemy stuck under the map -> unkillable (incl. sound+shaky cam bug)
Try 5: Flying enemy stuck within roof -> unkillable (incl. sound+shaky cam bug)
(And on top: Try 5 my wife was unable to reload -> Full ammo, but no reload animation.

In the end the group disbanded, after they were so annoyed of the bugs…
What i dont get: WHO published this mess? Campaign works fine, coop campaign is fine -> Cool game guys.
But COS?! Dafuq.

Yeah its pretty bad man, i literally re updated all my drivers and windows just to see if that helps and nothing worked for me… it really is infuriating considering its one of the best things to do endgame.