The build to end them all

Moze is decidedly the most versatile character in the game - if you have the right gear that is, but even if you don’t you can still crush everything with ease.

I’m not one to post builds or videos or anything, but BL3 brings it out in me apparently. Also, I havent seen anyone else on youtube or here using the same build as this, which I find weird. The game has been out for a while now so I would think everybody used this by now. It’s just that overpowered.

I did record a video of me doing slaughterstar 3000. I figured that was one of the best places to show off the dmg potential and survivability. I fell a couple of times during blue fire and red rain because I have no idea what strategy to use against them Honestly my first try against them with Moze and this build. But that also shows how easy it is to get up from a FFYL if you happen to fall. :slight_smile:

[](youtube video)

Sorry for the quality. I uploaded in high quality, but it seems to only show in 360p. But oh well. playstyle still comes through.

I’ll try to explain the gear and skills as thoroughly as I can:

We’re gonna ignore “shield of retribution” completely, because we really don’t need any more survivability than we already have.

Let’s break it down.

Bottomless Mags

  1. Cloud of lead: 5/5 - obvious

  2. Stoke the embers: 3/3 - obvious

  3. Redistribution: 1/1 - Crits regenerate ammo. This with a recurring hex grenade makes it so you almost never have to reload (exception is boss fights and fights that gets dragged out)

  4. scrappy: 3/5 - not important, mostly just for unlocking below skills.

  5. Scorching RPM’s: 5/5 - Crit dmg - obvious choice.

  6. The iron bank: 5/5 - bigger magazine size means faster ammo regen

  7. Click click: 3/3 - not really important, but i guess it helps once in a while.

  8. Forge: 1/1 - obviously.

Demolition woman

  1. Fire in the skag den: 5/5 - Dmg obviously.

  2. Means of destruction: 3/3 - Regen nades and ammo. Since nades deal splash dmg on their own they will regenerate themselves and the ammo you have in your magazine.

  3. Torgue cross-promotion: 4/5 - extra splash dmg.

  4. Pull the holy pin: grenade crit chance. This together with Redistribution plus a recurring hex grenade makes this insane.

  5. Vampyr: 2/5. We really don’t need more than 2 in this. This skill is so broken when used together with a recurring hex grenade. It heals for every enemy hit, and not dmg done as it probably should have been. Yea, this skill sucks if you don’t have at least a hex grenade, but gets utterly broken if you do have a recurring hex.

  6. why can’t i carry all these grenades: 3/3 - 3 extra nades. Don’t really need this tho since we’re gonna be regenerating nades all the time.

  7. To the last: 1/1 - our nades are super powerful so why not.

After this we have one more point to put wherever we want. I put mine in armored infantry just because. Doesnt really give all that much but you know.

Full build here

This build is as previously said very gear oriented and not really that good if you don’t have the right class mod, artifact and grenade mod. Grenade mod should be something that lingers - like hex grenades or the quasar. It’ll keep your shield up at all times. The better the grenade the easier it is to stay alive.

We are of course running the bloodletter class mod with the deathless artifact. Shield is optional, but I am running a transformer shield for the extra survivability.

WIth the deathless artifact that gives us about 27 000 shield capacity, give or take points you get from the class mod. Transformer shield makes us immune to electric dmg and so we are super hard to kill and we also have constant regeneration through our grenades.

The only time I go down is if I forget to throw a grenade every 5 seconds or if by some miracle I get surrounded by too many hard-hitting enemies who hits me at the same time.

Video above will show you the playstyle, which is just utterly insane. Requires little to no skill to utilize and massacres everyone. This is from slaugherstar 3000, mayhem 3. I didn’t get the best mayhem modifiers, and I would have done a lot better if I did (like +shotgun dmg or +sniper dmg)

I don’t believe in restarting the game just to get good modifiers as that would be cheating, so like any good BL3 player should, I have my trusted butcher shotguns in all elements ready, and lyuda in (almost) all elements ready to go. Shotguns and snipers never get minus modifiers at the same time (as far as i know). I also have class mods and artifacts to cover +shotgun dmg and +sniper dmg.
As seen in above image. If you get minus to shotguns, snipers get plussed, and vice versa. So keep a set of both.

This is the whole problem with mayhem mode anyway tho. Mayhem 3 gets easier than normal mode without mayhem if you get modifiers to suit your character, but that’s probably a discussion for another time.


Different build but same concept on using hex, bloodletter, deathless and transformer.

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where can you get those drops from??

Basically a worse grenade build, gotcha.

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An honest tip, if you want to go deep into green tree then take “One for the road”. 5 seconds of limitless ammo is pretty broken with some weapons.

Worse than what?

Most of the builds that I’ve seen that use this build have too many points in shield of retribution and so don’t utilize the power of this build fully. People are too afraid of dying

The grenades in this build isn’t for dmg, it’s to get more crits and splash dmg (and of course healing) for ammo. This is why hex grenade is used. This, as said in the post, makes it so you don’t have to reload like ever. If you see the video I made it through almost all of slaughterstar 3000 with shotguns without reloading more than like once - holding down the button with the butcher that has a fire rate of 9+

The dmg the grenades does it just a small bonus. Other builds that use the grenade tree also spam the grenades too much which also slows down the DPS, instead it’s better to use the grenades as a utility to get more ammo for your shotguns and/or snipers etc that does the real DPS. - in my opinion. It might not fit the playstyle for everyone, but after an insane amount of testing this build has the highest DPS of all the builds I’ve tried and tested.

@deadpoolTRD I’m pretty sure all of them are world drops. I have gotten most of my gear from farming gravewarden tho. Except for the shotguns and snipers that I have just gotten randomly from playing through the game. :slight_smile:

The thing is, Shield of Retribution is a really amazing tree, especially due to Bloodletter/Deathless synergy. Deathless works with Desperate Measures, meaning you have full 50% gun bonus (+ whatever Bloodletter gives) there.

On top of that Drowning in Brass + Phalanx + Armored Infantry provide absolutely insane cumulative gun damage bonuses in addition to huge survivability increase. In addition to that Drowning in Brass is a team buff. And if all that would not be enough shield tree even has critical damage bonus of its own.

Like literally Drowning in Brass + Armored Infantry + Desperate Measures is already +125% gun damage and it is even before the huge and uncapped amount Phalanx gives.

Green tree is absolutely nowhere near that amount of power, not even close. It has nice perks, but it pales in comparison to pure mad damage throughput Shield tree gives and it does not even give any survivability compared to metric ton Shield tree gives.

You get a lot more ammo in the clip, but overall its gun damage bonuses are somewhat meh with crit/fire rate one being biggest, but not enough to overshadow shield tree.

IMO the only real ability that makes my mouth water in Green tree is “Some for the road” because you can then do something silly like Anointed Scourge with +120 splash damage on action skill end spam in these 5 seconds for insane damage and you can do that repeatedly if you leave Iron Bear early. This really can be a build right there, even if a bit annoying.

But you don’t even pick that in your “ultimate” build, 4head.

I’m gonna upload something fun in the moment with “One for the Road”. That one skill in Green tree is insanely amazing, rest of the tree is garbo really.

There you go, enjoy:

The one point you did not take in green tree.

I see your point, but it doesn’t really make me change my opinion. I’ve testet with shield tree and it just doesnt hold up compared to what I use in my build.

Desperate measures is the only skill I actually feel bad for missing out on, but the class mod gives you +2 points in that anyway (so yea, it could be 75%, but it still doesn’t hold up).

Drowning in brass is great for teamplay, but not solo. You can do the same, if not more dmg output from punching in a shitload of crits with a fast gun. Plus it’s a kill skill, which ruins it a bit for boss-fights.

Phalanx is overrated as hell. Referencing my video again, bombarded by enemies for 40minutes straight and the phalanx buffs never exceed 10, and stay mostly at between 6-8. I only have 2 points from the class mod, but even if i had 5 that would be a maximum of 100% dmg. That might sound like a lot, but there are so few cases where you’re in fights that last long enough for it to matter. Exception is slaughterstar missions etc. And I’ve also proven we don’t need the survivability phalanx gives. We got enough of that already.

Armored infantry is +15% gun dmg at 5 points. Not worth 5 skill points for that - and we don’t need the extra survivability.

Green tree in itself isn’t all that great, although you do get a lot of extra incendiary dmg, but paired with blue tree you get a character that has a huge fire rate and unlimited ammo without needing to take the time to reload (more dps). It gives you the ability to use shotguns and snipers for an unlimited time. No reloads, no worrying about ammo. Just hold the button down and mow it down. You can’t do that if you skip green tree, and that is worth (and makes up for) skipping all those extra gun dmg skills from the shield tree.

And yea, “one for the road” is amazing, especially for bosses like in your video. lmao. But it would stop this build from being what i wanted it to be. Super fast paced, no break in the shooting and grenade throwing. The iron bear animation ruins that sadly. :frowning:

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the build works pretty well but i need transformer and hex. does anyone have extra ones they would like to mail me??

I dont think that you really need Forge when you already have Means of Destruction and Redistribution, especially with the Butcher. Plus Cloud of Lead, of course.
Maybe you could spare some points to get to Experimental Munitions?

Also, Some for the Road and Autobear can be good options, especially for Boss fights. 5 seconds of Torgue stickies or even 5 seconds of Butcher/Lyuda spam seems crazy.

Also, why Bloodletter + Deathless If you are not abusing Desperate Measures? There are really not options left or is it for Transformer only?

You actually do need both now if you want to run this. The MoD nerf left the grenade portion untouched as far as infinite grenades go, but ruined the ammo regen portion. You are getting 1 ammo every 2 seconds at best now, so outside of really low fire rate guns that only consume one ammo per shot it’s only real purpose is grenade regen right now.

Now here I agree. Some for the Road has insane boss killing potential with the right setup. An elemental projector relic with a fire Scourge and a way to set your self on fire can one shot Grave on m3. It also works great with Torgue stickies like you said.

Nothing competes with Bloodletter right now. Once you have a Recurring Hex or some other tick type grenade and spec into vampyr, the only thing that can kill you are those big dodgeable attacks from anointed and bosses . Blastmaster sounds better on paper than it plays in practice. It takes roughly 70 seconds to get the full bonus and unless you went deep BM MoD ammo return won’t come close to keeping up with the ammo usage of the best weapons for the build.

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I’ve been back and forth on which tree to settle on since I always have to compromise between survivability and damage. Are you saying the BM tree is outclassed by Demolition Woman? What build would you recommend?



I’ve been back and forth on which tree to settle on since I always have to compromise between survivability and damage. Are you saying the BM tree is outclassed by Demolition Woman? What build would you recommend?

That’s kinda my point here. I think the shield of retribution tree is kinda overrated, and with this build i wanted to give an alternative to what “everybody else” seems to be using - which is shield of retribution and demolition woman basically.

if you have a proper grenade, mainly a version of the hex grenade you don’t really need more survivability than the vampyr skill. This together with bloodletter and deathless makes you virtually immortal if you just remember to throw a grenade or 2 every 5 seconds.

So with this build, Bottomless mags + demolition woman skill trees, you’ll have unlimited ammo (no reloads), unlimited grenades (makes you immortal with vampyr), and so you can basically just spray bullets everywhere without worrying about ammo - this, imho, gives you a higher DPS in total than what you would have with some of the skills in shield of retribution.

This build of course works better if you have good shotguns like the butcher and snipers like the lyuda.

So what build would be best for you comes down to what playstyle you like and what items you have at your disposal. Hope that helps :slight_smile: