The "Bullet Barrage" Commando Build

This is an idea inspired by Handsome Dad’s “Forever Malone” concept. It attempts to get the most out of the infinity pistol by boosting its fire rate to the maximum (get a purging infinity with an ROF of 9 and you will hit the 30 fire rate cap), allowing you to spray its endless ammo stores all over the battlefield in a devastating bullet barrage. Here is my build:

I will now go over the skill and gear setup you’ll need.


Sentry 5/5: Your turret can slag, distract, and damage enemies. Maximizing its duration is key to survival.

Ready 1/5: Useful because when you are fighting bosses you’ll likely use a Leg. Soldier COM and Harold, and 6/5 ready will be useful in those situations.

Willing 5/5: The basis for Axton’s reputation as a shield tanker. It is a crucial skill.

Able 5/5: This will regenerate your health constantly, and keep you in the fight longer. It also has great synergy with the infinity pistol.

Onslaught 5/5: Onslaught will allow you to move quicker and deal more damage after a kill. It has excellent synergy with metal storm.

Crisis Management 3/5: Provides 21% damage when your shields are down or you are in FFYL.

Double Up: This allows your turrets to slag for you, and doubles their damage output.


Impact 5/5: A 20% gun damage bonus that is always with you and is available at tier 1. I always max this.

Metal Storm 5/5: Gives you a massive fire rate bonus after a kill. It has great synergy with the infinity pistol.

Longbow Turret: Every UVHM build should have this as it doubles your turret’s health and allows you to deploy it at long distances.


Preparation 5/5: Your primary source of health regeneration - need I say more?

Pressure 5/5: When you are low on health, it will help you get your shield back up quickly, a highly underrated skill.

Last Ditch Effort 4/5: If you ever do go down, this and Crisis Management will get you back up quickly. Another underrated skill.

Quick Charge 5/5: It will regenerate 5% of your shield for seven seconds even if you’re taking damage. An awesome skill.

Resourceful 5/5: A 25% bonus to turret cooldown rate is always nice to have.

Phalanx Shield: If you have the aggro split from Gemini, it can be quite useful.

Gemini: Allows you to deploy an extra turret. It doubles your turrets’ DPS and ensures battlefront will stay up for the full 30s duration. Another awesome skill.


Weapon 1: Infinity pistol: It has inferior stats to an anarchist, but its special effect will allow you to proc able constantly, keep your kill skills up, and spray bullets with impunity. It also takes full advantage of the bee shield. Look for a purging variant with an ROF of 9.

Weapon 2: Unkempt Harold: Useful for bosses and enemies with physical shields.

Weapon 3: Situational

Weapon 4: Situational

Shield: The Bee: Useful for boosting the infinity’s average damage. With all our shield buffing skills, its high recharge delay shouldn’t be an issue. If you feel more survivability is needed, use an antagonist instead.

Relic: Sheriff’s Badge: Boosts pistol DPS by about 80% if you can find a max stat version.

Grenade Mod: Magic Missiles: Infinite slag to accompany infinite ammo. These deal a fair bit of damage as well.

Class Mod: Legendary Ranger: The bee will greatly benefit from the passive and quick charge bonus, while the onslaught, impact, and metal storm bonuses will be hugely helpful to the infinity. The Ranger Bonus will be useless here. If you are facing a boss, swap to a Legendary Soldier COM and use the harold to take it down quickly.

I hope you all enjoyed this thread and found it useful. Please like or comment if you found this helpful or have questions regarding the build.

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I enjoyed a great chuckle while reading this. I didn’t laugh because anything is wrong with it, but because it never occurred to me to pair a Legendary Ranger com with a Double Up + Gemini build. I’ve tinkered with a virtually identical skill distribution + Legendary Engineer with the Infinity, but… this specific skill + COM set up might actually be the highest survival set up available to Axton. Even a Bee becomes very potent defensively with all of those shield skills.

For absurdity against dangerous enemies, swap out the shield for an Antagonist.

Haha thanks for the compliment! Yeah I thought about this for a while and Legendary Ranger just seemed like the best. And yeah Antagonist would definitely be useful where more survivability is needed.

Can’t say I ever really would have come up with this if I hadn’t seen your thread though.

Isn’t your actual RoF tied strongly to your FPS? There’s no difference in actual fire rate in the range [15, 30). (I know this is true on consoles. I forget about PC master race)

I have no idea what the max fire rate of the Infinity is (on the card). It looks like this build has ~+200% fire rate with Metal Storm active (10/5 points). (+80% from Sheriff’s Badge, +120% from [10/5] Metal Storm? Anything else?) That would mean the card says something like 9.56?

So it would only take +56.8% fire rate Sheriff’s Badge to hit 15.0 RoF with no points in Metal Storm. I’d probably drop 1 point in Metal Storm so that Legendary Ranger would make it [6/5] for a decent +90% recoil reduction.

The problem is that Overload and Expertise both suck and that would be the only other place to put the points. I’d guess Expertise would be more useful for slag & swap, along with the ADS movement speed buff so you don’t slow your [10/5] Onslaught speed too much.

I had assumed the boosts were not additive and not multiplicative. Thankfully, I was wrong. I’m getting 56% ROF from a Sheriff’s Badge and 120% from 10/5 metal storm.