The Butcher hot fix is NOT working

This so called “hot fix” yesterday is bugged, again. You would think they fixed it when you play solo, but once you play coop, the recoil goes crazy again and going back to solo after that does not help either. There goes the butcher build on Moze.

Seriously Gearbox you just can’t get it right on this one huh?


So now the Hotfix for the Patch needs a Hotfix, I guess delaying that patch and not breaking stuff to begin with would have been 1000x better, but well here we are now.


Exactly, I feel like whenever they release an update trying to fix stuff, there will be much more bugs come and greet us :confused:

I’m getting close to fed up. I’m glad I didnt buy the season pass. I might just quit and wait for the GOTY addition to come out.

This is supposed to be fun and relaxing.


… puts the Butcher back up on Moze’s wall… [sigh]

Can’t agree with you more. I left for a bit to play what might be Game of the Year - Outer Worlds. Came back after patch thinking maybe game has improved. Not so lucky. I run a multi million dollar company and if we put out a product that was always broken i would be out of work. I have been a gamer for 20 years, i can’t remember any game ever with this much problems. Where the patches are as broken as the issues that needed patched.


It’s working for me better than it did prior to Hotfix. Prior I had to hold down the joystick to stay on target, now I barely have to move it down.

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At this point I don’t even care anymore… Whenever they release a new patch or hotfix, I just expect things to be broken, instead of fixing it.

I sincerely hope Gearbox is planning some heavy changes for 2020, and by changes, I’m referring to their own staff members.


I’d say it’s better than before the hotfix for me but still not back to how it was pre-fix. Still kicking a bit too much on the first few rounds.

What do they have against shotguns, they keep nerfing or screwing up the best shotguns in the game

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I never got any kind of update since the patch. So I figured it wasn’t active anyways.

I mean, shotguns on their first shot when you switch to them seem to fire weird, but after that seem to return to normal, at least for me. Can’t say I ever used the butcher though.

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In the meantime, this has much less kick…


I bloody LOVE that gun. Only ever gotten one.

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Gonna have to find me a Trevonator.

Gb now reminds me of EA and there work on BF5. Everything they did they broke the game too. Funny how there following the same route.

clearly you’re not a destiny player, everything that gets patched in that game breaks something else. every new content drop comes with a multitude of bugs. I’m really hoping gbx can get this figured out, we all waited so long for this game to released and for it to be in this state is just disappointing. I’m reserving hope that someday soon this game will be the masterpiece it has the potential to be.

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that not true its working maybe you didnt wait for the hotfix or something

I’m just taking a break from the game for a little while.
I don’t want to get burnt out on it too quickly and in my opinion I think their going a bit too fast with additional content right now. I think they need a breather to get a grip on things before adding more content.
I know this has to be a nightmare for anyone working in the QA team at the moment. The sheer number of patches, hotfixes and event content has to be overwhelming for those guys.

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Yea, I have seen some weird behavior with this newest fix.

When it dropped, I just happened to have a Butcher one the character I loaded. Equipped Butcher, took some shots in Sanctuary. Seems to work fine.

Later, I decide to test my Bottomless Mags Moze who uses all Hyperion gear. Went to the Droughts. Fired Butcher…

Huge recoil.

Checked main menu… “Hotfix Applied”. Strange.

Shutdown game. Restart. “Hotfix Applied”. Reload same Moze in the same place…

No recoil. Old Butcher back in business.

Not sure what is going on.

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