The calypso twins are garbage characters

Why do the calypso twins get to do whatever they want when my character is standing right there.
The calypso twins are obnoxious which I’m sure is exactly what you wanted but its blatantly stupid how my character aka the vault literally disappeared when they show up. The girl is especially dumb with her vacuum power. How can she suck power out of dead things? Just stupidity
That’s just poor storytelling.
I’m loving the game but these twins should have been dead the first hour of the game but to keep this sad story going you let them do whatever they want unhindered by the many people capable of destroying them.
But hey just let that stupid bitch just latch on to anything because everyone must have forgot that’s what she does so get nice and close so she can suck the life out of whatever she wants.
This story just might ruin the game


Why doesn’t the player character have the option to interact with story related cut-scenes? Perhaps because otherwise you’d potentially change the course of the story? It’s literally been the same in every Borderlands game, as well as probably 90% of all other games ever… It’s not really exclusive to Borderlands 3.


Its basically your character being a super duper badass (As he should be in any borderlands game),acting like he is powerful and everything is a joke to him.And all of a sudden you meet your typical Youtuber/Twitch Streamer that are actually your main villains.
Do I need to say more…

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I’m sorry but that’s a poor excuse and only proves my point

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Why put the playable character right next to NPC characters then just let the bad guys do whatever they want.
Yes its been that way for most video games and its obnoxious and stupid

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Well, Maya could’ve been dragging Ava out of the vault scolding her as they walked… Instead of you know - right in front of us. Would it have really made much difference if the cutscene took place where we killed guardians en route?

There’s a couple of things I’ve learned to let go since accepting I bought this buggy mess - however defending the choice of those being paid to deliver a decent story won’t be one of those things. Super simple alternatives could have taken place at any point to help it make sense… If they wanted fewer complaints about “where was I when X happened?” they could’ve so easily prevented it.


They have best armor in the game… plot armor. It was like that in BL2 as well but the difference was that in BL2 there was usualy a good excuse why your character couldn’t do anything to prevent some things to happen. But here they don’t even bother with the excuse and strait up ignore your presence 99% of the time. Bad writing + bad story telling = story of BL3.


I totally agree. It was just lazy story telling.
They should be actively hunting the calypso twins but instead they let them gain more and more power and just want to find vaults.
Its really really infuriating

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All they really needed to do was add a scene showing your character entering the vault and then the twins show up. So you’d never know until you’re done looting the vault.

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Agreed but they actually have you leave the vault and walk right next to them then the cut scene.

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My issue with the Calypso Twins has to deal less with their obnoxious personalities (which are admitedly much more annoying the Jack’s affably evil ribbing throughout the game), but the direction the overall story took with them and the writing itself.

Yes, in cutscenes we’ve never been able to do much, but in BL2, you sensed you were making headway against Jack throughout the game and were really starting to get under his skin. Saving Roland, Lilith porting Sanctuary away foiling his plans to destroy it, saving Overlook from Hyperion, the anger Jack starts to show as you destroy his statues in Opportunity and when you destroy the dam. Then finally, him dropping the joviality during the Angel fight and showing his desperation, leading him into full hate mode after you kill her. You scored victories against him. You got under his skin and that made him much more dangerous, while letting you feel like a badass.

In BL3, despite your actions, you never really feel like you’re making headway against the twins. Every time you do something, they just show up to ruin/negate it (without you being able to do anything to stop it thanks to Cutscene Incompetence) or act as if they don’t even care. The only time there’s any friction, it’s caused by the Calypsos butting heads themselves. Nothing you do feels important. Even when you do finally score an actual victory and kill Troy, it’s instantly negated by Tyreen absorbing him (with zero emotion towards his death, ruining any impact it may have had) and going off to continue their plan uninterrupted.

It was just poor writing all around when it came to those two. They were a good concept that was just poorly executed. The voice acting was fine and I had no issues with that. The actors did a great job playing up what they were given. They were just underwhelming overall.


You all complain so much about how the makers wrote the story, how about you go make your own games instead ya? Personally having bad guys that actually stop you instead of you winning at everything is a bit of a different story

Being stopped by the bad guys isn’t the issue. It’s the way it’s done. It’s not like they have a big plan to outwit you like Jack did with Wilhelm and Angel. They literally don’t do anything until you do your thing and then port in last second with a Diabolos ex Machina and somehow get away while you’re standing there like a lump.

And there’s nothing wrong with being critical of a story and the way it’s written. Hell, many people do it for a living. The argument of “go make your own game/write your own book/make your own movie” is ridiculous. You can enjoy something and still be critical of it.


O really if the enemy has this devastating armor as you say then why dont they just take us out first?
You are making excuses for a piss poor story

I could write a much better story. Give me the money and resources that gearbox has not to mention a team of writers and they all ■■■■■■ up big time

Cos we have plot armor as well, that is why the new you stations are not a canon and that is why we are completely ignored in 99% of the cutscenes. It’s ugly but you can’t take it off. Story would be over by the first encounter with those two dummies one way or another without it. How many times those two could off you or Lilith and be done with it? Every god damn time, but they rather walk away cos… honestly I can’t tell why! So my point still stands. Bad writing + bad story telling = story of BL3.

Edit: Not sure if you like the story and those two or not, but I hated every god damn second of it.


Definitely hate the calypso twins. Completely obnoxious and not powerful at all.
Our characters kill literally thousands of enemies but these two idiots are untouchable. I want nothing more than for tyreen to choke on her own entrails.
I’m sure that’s exactly what the writers wanted but I want her dead not because she is a bad ass she’s the farthest thing from a bad ass she’s actually a huge coward, no I want her dead because she is obnoxious in every single second of her pathetic existence


Let’s call them what they really are, HUMAN TAPEWORMS.

The calypso twins literally make the game annoying.
Every time they appear I get up and walk away.
Whoever created them should be fired!


I decided to like and reply because the name of this thread is perfect…

Because it’s our job to take out the damn trash… And we took them both out big time…

I’d like to thank my mom especially, my family, my first grade teacher and OP for setting this up.

I disagree… The fact that they are so keenly irritating is worthy of applause. It takes real effort to be that irksome.

And fwiw I think that sort next level stratospheric douchbaggery SHOULD make us want to leave the room.

The game successfully makes us more human… Whereas most games would endeavor to have us somehow laughing along with the twins…

Is the story of bl3 kinda weak narratively? Yup… does it matter? Nope, games fun, I don’t like the bad guys and that’s how it’s supposed to be damnit.