The calypso twins are garbage characters

I didn’t hate the calypso’s i was just super let down by there story they were fine, but i still feel the need to point out that 1 they weren’t “just average sirens” they’re power allowed them to leech the life force from thing to become stronger and tyreen had been doing it her entire life and 2 troy being a siren was actually explained i a decent way that made sense with him being a parasitic twin.

I think compared to Handsome Jack, any new enemy was going to struggle.

Prior to release, a few posters on boards wondered whether the Calypso’s were a front for an otherwise unknown antagonist.

That might have produced a better storyline with an unusual twist.

On repeat playthroughs I’m warming to the story a little, but still feels rushed and sometimes a bit shoehorned.

I am curious however about
a) Troys mechanical arm
b) in respect of his arm, who the hell failed to use a measuring instrument. His arms about 12ft long and looks suitably ridiculous.

I read all of your comments, and want to say Thank you! for making me understand those twins a little more…before that it was was pure hate (hate is too a stronger word, I disliked them)…now I dislike them knowing who they really are!

I am glad you found worth in what I shared… I think that not liking the Calypso twins is the right reaction.

I admit it is strange to find appreciable ways to dislike something. But I guess here is an example of how it helps.

I think Troy’s arm was his responsibility… And if it were me I’d go for the built in extra reach. Possibly even a full on 12 ft articulated tentacle…

Precisely, at the point in the story where this is revealed to us their actions have removed any shadow of a doubt that their continued existence is not acceptable.

As for Typhons role in their descent, I think the game is intentionally ambiguous. His signature whip is a character element that could be part of that story, but equally as likely is a no holds barred laissez-fair approach to their upbringing.

Either scenario could give the result we see, of them striking out on their own to conquer the Galaxy. And no matter how it really played out is actually irelevant… Typhon kept them isolated… This is the key mistake… It is the singular action that made the Calypso twins. Typhon played a big part on the fault of the twins, and for as much as I dearly liked the character, he deserved to die for that mistake.

I mean, I’m going by what information the game gives us… Nekrotafayo is the epitome of a survival of the fittest hostile predatory alien ecology… That’s not a spin that’s the world we were playing in. The parts of that place that weren’t wild were equally as hostile, what with guardians lashing out at any living creature that got too close.

As for their seat at the top of the food chain? Tyreen’s siren ability that allows her to consume the power of living creatures doesn’t leave much room for speculation. Though the ability is stated to be the direct COD for the twins mother… we aren’t told at what point or the specifics but Tyreen actively used her powers to consume other beings throughout the game…

It’s not a spin, it’s just connecting the dots of what they put in the game.


You make a good point. They could easily have fixed the problem by making those scenes happen when the vault hunter is too far away to get there in time. Like when. Maya dies. That should trigger when you’re inside the vault, not after you’ve teleported back and are standing there staring like a goldfish

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Hmmm… Umm… These are CUT-SCENES, most games have these. They move the plot of the game forward, and are a simpler and quicker than a long, boring, and drawn out plots, and are in MOST GAMES!

Geeez… I think that some people in this thread are just whining for some odd reason.

Enjoy the game. And it is just a game, suspend reality and just play the {bad-word} game.

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We would need confirmation from GB but in regards to the scene on Promethea; the vault hunter is inside the vault when the confrontation ensues only arriving at the scene upon the twin’s departure. In order to trigger that cut scene the player must exit the vault and speak to the NPC.

It’s game, you see never see the vault hunters eat or sleep lol some aspects are to be animated by player imagination, games from 1990 anyone?


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This story is written by professionals, it is there job to keep you enthralled and entertained by the tale they tell. So if the aim was to write a tedious, lazy and forgettable story, layered with plot holes and barely any continuality from the previous game. Also adding rather pathetic villains that are as formidable as a 12 yr old internet troll, with repetative childish insults that only serve to annoy in a boring and bland manner.

Then yes, they did their work very well and I do hope they continue to work on the next BL installments, so I can look forward to not wanting to replay the story once again.


Eh I actually remember Typhoon quite well, and, the Twins are dead, time to lay them to rest. There is DLC on the horizon.

@HiLLy_53 that’s some funny sh!t buddy!

I’d have loved to replay teh story a few more times if it weren’t for the Calypso twins, maybe there’s a mod to skip their cutscenes or remove their voices?

Opencritic reviews are live on the Epic launcher. Unfortunately there’s too many generous reviews at the top of the charts, skewing the results toward the high end. We all know they were either paid off in one way or another.

I like this one in particular

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on borderlands show episodes and podcasts, seeing the writers talk about the calypso twins with so much depth, and imo are such interesting characters. unfortunately, the actual in-game story didn’t communicate their depth very well. i think they’re wasted potential more than anything. they didnt even need to top jack because, i think they needed to accept that they couldn’t do that. ever.

not to say you cant write better characters, but jack is just so iconic trying to chase after his success is doomed in failure. i think if they just focused on the calypso twins being good villains on their own first, instead of trying to make them better than jack, their characterization might’ve been better. they didnt need to beat jack, they just needed to be good!

Do we know this? Or is this just because you don’t agree with their scores?

I think they are written perfectly. Just like most youtubers and streamers they are annoying as hell.

There’s a difference between not liking a character in a narrative sense and wanting to stop playing whenever they show up in a cut scene.

Tyreen is absolute garbage, far below the BL standard I’ve come to expect. And putting two annoying female teenagers in the same game was overkill. I miss Tiny Tina.