The campaign and its briliant solution to other modes

I was watching some battleborn videos and I was thinking about the fact that battleborn only has one single player mode, and then I realized it. why battleborn has no other modes, it is because it doesn’t need them. Or rather because they are already in them. I haven’t seen all the missions but when watching the Calderius rescue mission It donned on me that it was a lot like a single player mode in which you guard a base against a hoard of enemies, and it is other single player modes are just given a story and put in the campaign.

that’s why the devs say that they are meant to be played over and over again. that is why some missions may be more episodic, and that is why you get ranked on how well you do.

Are you talking about PvE modes or PvP modes ? Not everyone likes PvE, you know…

I also hope that I won’t be forced to play these missions again and again just to get some rewards useful for PvP which I won’t be able to earn anywhere else.

The Algorithm is normal attack mission
The Void’s Edge is an escort mission
The Renegade has multiplier defend the objective parts

The other 5 misions have a good chance to add more to that.

Is total amount of missions 8 then ? I was trying to find this info yesterday and failed somehow :slight_smile:

8 + 1 tutorial type mission


The Algorithm is a Raid-mode mission. You face a bunch of bosses throughout this mission.
The Void’s Edge is an Escort mission.
The Renegade is a Horde-mode mission.

Through the campaign the Devs are appealing to people’s desire to play these types of game modes. It’s a way to scratch their itch for those game modes outside of the PvP scene.

I’m sure that these themes (Escort, Horde, and Raid) will appear in the other missions as well. I’m personally looking forward to more “Raid” missions. Horde missions aren’t my thing, but I know a lot of people have expressed a interest in Horde modes in and out of PvP.

Hm. I really hope each mission is unique then. I think they’ll set a record for combining the most game types into a game considering the basics alone are moba shooter slasher hero.