The Central Turret in Incursion Overgrowth is a liabilty

Sure lightning turrets can do damage but they are pathetic when it comes to HP. Often times, you dump a ton of points into them only for them to be destroyed seconds later. Look at the Super minion you can buy, they often help a ton with pushing and have a decent amount of HP as well. Turrets in general could use an HP boost so that they can actually be a threat and help for pushing instead of an afterthought that the enemy can snipe in a moments notice

The worst part? That ton of shards you spent only for it to be destroyed immediately gives the enemy a ton of experience. Should you be more cautious in spending the shards? Maybe but these are meant to help push or at the very least represent a threat and when it comes to both, the current turrets fall flat.

It gives you just as much experience for buying it as it gives them for destroying it… and don’t buy it until your backline defenses are bought and setup. Turrets are not autonomous guards, they’re there to help you out, deter the enemy from being in the area, not to annihilate people for you. They deal lots of damage, but they’re useless without you there for a reason.

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Did you read any of my post? Please re read it. No where did I say they were autonomous guards. I said they cost MORE than super minions yet accomplish less in pushing, disruption and damage since they die with a sneeze.

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Easy buddy. We’re all friendly here. Nobody was insulting you.

I agree the turrets as they are now are lack luster for the shard investment. it cost 1200 shards (I think) to fully upgrade the LT there, but it gets destroyed easily. I used to always rush and buy that turret, but now I sit back and wait for the other team to buy it and make it a priority to take it down so they basically waste their shards. Unless you have your team right there to help push the other team back, its almost a waste to buy anything less than a level 3 there. It will be interesting to see if GB tweaks the turrets in the coming weeks. Right now the Fat Toddler minions are a way better investment.

Oh, yeah, I read it, and like I said, it’s not for killing things without you there… your primary complaint is that it’s too “squishy” and it’s squishy for a reason, because it’s there to help hold your position, not to push. (lol, turrets pushing)

Minions are there to push a wave, turrets are there to hold ground… you can push a wave while you’re away with a minion (temporary advantage) but holding ground (permanent position) requires you to actively be there.

They deal lots of damage, but they’re not chock full of health, because (like I already said) they’re there to augment YOUR defensive capabilities, not hold a wave for you, or push a wave, or hold mid while you’re off doing something else.

The reason you’re complaining about the turret is because you’re failing to grasp the role it fills… which is why you feel like you’re wasting your money on it (because it sounds like you are)

If they’re sniping your turret, that’s 4 or 5 shots they’re not taking at you, you should be attacking them and capitalizing on the opportunity your turret just gave you… or you can sit and watch them kill your turret and then wonder why you wasted your money on it.

I see too many people rush middle and dump 300 into the turret and then run off to grab shards.

Turrets can do nothing of what you said since a couple of well placed shots eliminate it in a heart beat. How can they hold ground or deal damage when they’re almost insta killed? Even a misplaced super minion still helps you push AND kills minions.

Before a fight: Enemies approach and see it first to take it out

During a Fight: Enemies get zapped then turn around and take it out with a few shots

After a Fight: It’s just sitting there.

That turret is there to help turn the tide in minion battles. Specifically the chain feature on the Lighting Turret is what helps hurt the minions. The turret isn’t meant to be a lane baby sitter. It’s only going to be effective if you baby sit the turret. Anything less than a level 3 turret can be taken down easy.

Also, you don’t have to buy that turret if you don’t want to. It’s optional. You don’t think it’s a good shard investment just don’t do it.

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I don’t think you really grasp what I keep repeating. It CANNOT turn the tide since it dies too quickly. And I’m taking about the lvl 3 turret too.

Sigh once again:

You hold ground, turret provides extra fire power…
You hold position, turret helps add an extra gun to the fight…

And once again (as I said) a super minion DOES help you push (temporarily)
A turret can help you defend (indefinitely)

That’s the point of them. If your turrets are being insta-killed then you’re not effectively engaging whoever is insta-killing them… or you don’t have the map effectively covered, maybe you need someone long-range covering their firing paths, or maybe you need an assassin to push that sniper off their perch. You’ve already gained XP off of buying it (seriously, you get a ton of XP off of buying turrets) it’s not just going to sit there forever holding down mid for you, that just doesn’t make sense.

I feel like we’re speaking the same language but different dialects.

Think of that Lighting Turret as helper. It’s not there to clear waves for you, it’s there to make clearing waves easier. If you don’t guard it, it will be taken down rather easily buy enemies. I’m not sure what your beef is with the turret other than it’s squishy.

Again, you don’t have to buy it. It works the same way for the other team. They buy it, you blow it up, and lick their tears. I don’t see what you’re going on about.

Where did I say it will clear the lanes for me? I mean really are you making stuff up or actually reading posts?

I am talking about the cost benefit compared to other purchases and it is lacking compared to super minions who cost MUCH LESS.

Here lest anyone get confused again:

Turret cost more than super minion. Super Minion kill push more better. Turret die too quick to work. Turret overpriced or weak.

I didn’t say you said clear lanes for you. Where did I say that you said that?

Again, you don’t have to buy it. It is a better investment for someone who will stay in the area and guard it. If you play Benedict, who roams around, it ain’t a good investment. If you’re a Miko or Orendi, that ish will help make your job easier. C’mon Chief. I feel like you’re purposely being obtuse.

Do I have to remind you of your own posts. And enough with the “then don’t buy it” lines. This is a post about balance. Saying “oh but don’t use the character/game mechanic/item” to a balance post is not contributing in any way shape or form nor is it making you look more informed at all.

lol, no I completely get what you’re saying, and I agree, it’s not going to turn a fight… but it is going to help you shoot someone… it will help you clear a wave… it will give your enemies something else to shoot at while you engage them.

And it’s also going to give you a boatload of XP when you buy it and potentially give you a level advantage when you engage in that fight.

If you don’t see these as perks, then by all means, save your cash, don’t increase your XP or your firepower, and just wait until the next super minion is able to be purchased.

Personally, I spend my Shards on anything that’s available, (like I said before) starting from the back of the map and moving forward. I want as much XP as I can grab, and I love it when I buy a turret, someone steps up to kill it, and I get a kill because while they’re shooting at my turret, I’m hitting them with an ISIC stun, or an El Dragon knockup, or any other form of CC available, and then even if they do get my turret, I get a kill, and some more shards to plug into that useless socket for some more XP to deal even more damage.

Honestly, even if there was no turret in middle lane and just the option to dump credits into a hole for XP, I’d still be spending credits there once the backline was fortified, it’s a MOBA, every ounce of XP matters.

Remember everyone.

Be respectful when posting.

It has perks for sure. But those perks are situational assuming someone doesn’t instakill it in a heart beat. A super minion which costs less is better able to give an actual return on an investment. If turrets had just a tad bit more health, it would go a long way towards emphasizing objectives rather than a team death match mentality.

Dude, you highlighted my post telling you it’s not there to clear lanes for you. Where did I say YOU said that? C’mon dude. You’re just being obtuse for the sake of it now.

How long have you played this game? I have more than few hours under my belt playing with a lot of different skill levels, over a couple of different game builds. I’m not saying this to brag, but to give you an idea of my experience. In my experience I think they are viable if you baby sit them. If you build them and don’t watch them they will be ganked. Easily. Could this turret use more health? Maybe, but it might make it too powerful. I think it is OK as is. I’m fairly sure the LT puts out more damage than a Fat Toddler. More damage = less HP. That’s the general rule of thumb.

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But the turrets ARE an objective… they’re a way to exchange the shards you’ve collected through other actions into glorious XP (at a pretty sweet exchange rate)

They’re not detracting from an objective. There’s literally not one perk to buying it that is outweighed by it being destroyed… even if you buy it and it’s INSTANTLY destroyed, you just gained more XP than your opponent… Could you have bought a more effective turret in the back? Yep, but if they’re all sold out, then you can’t… could you have bought a super minion? Yep, but (once again) if they’re all gone, you can’t…

You dump credits into it, and a Marquis takes 4 or 5 shots at it to drop it, it’s already given you a net profit, you’ve gotten XP before your enemy, AND your enemy just had to expose himself to wherever your turret is in order to try to “catch back up” by shooting that turret (I’ll give you a hint, you got more XP than he did from that exchange) If you wash and repeat, then you’re going to gradually eek out an XP lead, and if you play your cards right, an XP lead will net you more lane pressure, netting you the objective. That’s the entire goal in any “MOBA” type game.

This “situational advantage” literally just requires you to buy the turret, and if you really want to capitalize on it, then you just have to shoot at him while he’s exposed coughyoursnipershouldprobablyshoothimcough or one of my favorite tricks, have Shayne pluck him off his ledge down into your team.

The only people that are able to get close to an “instakill” on a turret are snipers, any melee character has to drastically expose themselves to get to it, any other player is going to need to burn an ability to do this (yet again, another advantage) If your enemy has already pushed into range to the point that they can melee the turret, then you’ve already lost the position, and the turret should die. If you haven’t lost the position, then you should be able to get that kill.

The point is, the turret does what it’s meant to do, it supports you, creates opportunities, and nets you an XP advantage. If it does all of that, why does it need to require a bunch of users to focus-fire it?

Honestly, I think that if you’re not buying that turret when it’s available and you don’t have anything else more enticing up, that you’re wasting an opportunity.

You guys are here kicking and screaming that a little bit more HP for turrets is going to destroy the game. Not once have you provided me with a valid justification of their low HP and high cost vs super minions (despite similar effectiveness) and not once have you explained why a small increase to their HP is wrong.

Not to mention that you keep repeating over and over descriptions of what a turret is as if I haven’t addressed that.

This is honestly baffling as if you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. As for hours, I racked up 40 hours on the open beta.

Oh, I’m not kicking and screaming, I’m quite content, I was just trying to help you understand why it’s not a liability, I’m not saying it would break the game, I’m trying to explain why it’s not necessary, and why I actually prefer them the way they are (high damage vs high HP)

In any video game any item (especially NPC items) have to have a balance between damage and health… the higher the health, the lower the damage, and the reason is to ensure the player has more influence over the game than bots (hence the super tanky wave that doesn’t really do that much damage)

Would it break the game if you increase the HP on the turret? Nope, it’ll just change what turrets do, and how they’re used. In my mind a small increase in HP isn’t necessary because it won’t really make that big of a difference in their performance, what’s 4 shots vs 5? Either way, if you’re not in position to defend it, it’s gone…

A large increase without a reduction in damage would certainly break the game, though, and I’d rather have turrets that actually do damage versus tanky ones that you can just ignore.

And their high cost vs super minions is easy: They’re more readily available. Only one super minion can be out at a time.

What I keep trying to explain to you is why the high cost is a GOOD thing. Your shards (once you’ve bought your gear) really only give you a map advantage and XP, the more you spend, the more XP you get. Your 300 into the super minion gets you 300 shards worth of XP, your 1200 shards into a turret gets you 1200 shards worth of XP (that’s more)
The more you spend, the higher your level. Spending more money is GOOOOD, and the turrets deal a bunch of damage if you’re around to fight near them. If they have a shield, they also have the ability to be in a few fights.

I’m not trying to argue with you, I honestly don’t care if they get a small HP bonus, it’s just not going to make a big difference. I’m trying to help you understand why it doesn’t matter how squishy the center turret is, and why it’s an advantage to buy it “whether it lives or not.”

Truthfully, I don’t think it needs a health buff, I like that I don’t die to that turret often, and that I’m able to clear it out during or before attacking center. I also like that it rewards me for protecting it by helping smash the other team and clearing the wave. I also like that it gives me somewhere to regularly dump tons of shards so I can get ahead in XP, because then I get to have games where I get to Rofl-stomp people and wind up several levels ahead of the other team.