The Challenge of Finding Teammate's Health Bars

I really enjoy playing Miko and healers in general, and it’s necessary in this game to have one (most of the time anyway).

However, because there are no indicators on your HUD concerning your teammates (except for the tiny dots on the mini-map), it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of your teammates and see what their health is like.

You have to swing Miko around looking all over the battlefield to find your teammates and then you have to try and see what their little green health bar is at amidst all the colorful chaos (and because there are no number indicators or any sort of indicator that lets you know when you’ve completely filled a player’s health bar, it’s all just guesswork). It would be much more helpful for healers (and for keeping track of your teammate’s statuses in general) if there were small health bars for each of them that appeared above your own health bar.

Just a thought, but it would help a lot for healing purposes.

They had all your teams health bars in an early build but removed it. I have heard they are looking at the possibility of bringing it back in some form but nothing concrete.

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Sweet, thanks for the info!

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Also there are warnings when your teammates drop below a certain health level. They’re the golden crosses with the circle indicators. At first I thought these were rez requests that everyone was getting but no it’s something in addition for the healer class.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen/noticed one of those. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Regardless, it’d still be nice to know what their health is before they get low enough that you get the warning, and it’d be handy to know when you’ve actually filled them up 100% since there’s no indication when it’s totally full.

Thanks for the info, though.