The challenge Sprayawee

Since I didn’t really know where to post this and I play Claptrap, I post it here.

Sprayawee: Kill 25 enemies with AoE grenades (Area-of-Effect).
I still have 0/25 kills in that challenge for level 1 and it’s the only one I’ve left.
I think it’s not about killing enemies instantly with such a grenade. I think it’s about ‘poisoning’ the enemy with corrosion or any other AoE.
So I tried that, but didn’t get any kill for the challenge.

So, does anyone know how to get this challenge or is my interpretation wrong?

That particular challenge should only advance if you use Vladof grenades. They release an elemental cloud around them, hence the Area-Of-Effect naming. You sure you aren’t using grenades from other manufacturers?

I’ve never payed much attention to the manufacturer, so I’ll check that out. Thanks

Storm Front, Fire Bee, Pandemic are the Legendary grenades that will make short work of that challenge.

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