The change to make seeing red better

take seeing dead, swap the on dmg activation to the seeing red capstone

leave the +25% bonus kill skill stats on it


i think 25% more killskill stats are INSANELY strong,
most other classmods do nothing else anyway then something like this.

but now you can go in any other classmod without missing the one component that makes seeing dead amazing over any other,

also if you take seeing dead skilling in seeing red isnt required, but will help and make it like its now
it would make everything about using other classmods on zane better…

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Agreed. Seeing red is totally worthless because seeing dead, and you can’t use another class mod.

just imagine being able to use zanes CAPSTONE to do something this good.
but you cant be suprised

zane wants to have shields
gets a classmod to not have shields
gets weard useless skills that themselves are already kinda ■■■■, like the binary skill for the clone.

having 2 characters who have long time actionskills and not offering a skill to use half the original annointments

this game came out with fail game design, and it keeps on giving.

100% agree. I’ve been saying this for a while too. Swap Seein Red and Seein Dead but leave the 25% bonus with the class mod so you can go back to the old meta. At least now we can try other class mods. It doesn’t fix the green tree but we’d see a ton of new builds overnight.

With this change, Conductor would become insanely strong. Antifreeze not far off.