The change to make seeing red better

take seeing dead, swap the on dmg activation to the seeing red capstone

leave the +25% bonus kill skill stats on it


i think 25% more killskill stats are INSANELY strong,
most other classmods do nothing else anyway then something like this.

but now you can go in any other classmod without missing the one component that makes seeing dead amazing over any other,

also if you take seeing dead skilling in seeing red isnt required, but will help and make it like its now
it would make everything about using other classmods on zane better…


Agreed. Seeing red is totally worthless because seeing dead, and you can’t use another class mod.

just imagine being able to use zanes CAPSTONE to do something this good.
but you cant be suprised

zane wants to have shields
gets a classmod to not have shields
gets weard useless skills that themselves are already kinda ■■■■, like the binary skill for the clone.

having 2 characters who have long time actionskills and not offering a skill to use half the original annointments

this game came out with fail game design, and it keeps on giving.

100% agree. I’ve been saying this for a while too. Swap Seein Red and Seein Dead but leave the 25% bonus with the class mod so you can go back to the old meta. At least now we can try other class mods. It doesn’t fix the green tree but we’d see a ton of new builds overnight.

With this change, Conductor would become insanely strong. Antifreeze not far off.

All this will do is make it so Zane has no useful class mods…

Zane has so much garbage

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it was something they should have done long time ago. activation on hit for seein read

activation on ass seein dead

I don’t think this will fix the fundamental issues with Zane, it would open up more class mod options - not a bad thing in itself but I just don’t think getting kill skills for free is a good way to go with Zane at all.

I’d rather have the blue capstone buff the crap out of the drone or add a whole new behaviour to it and have some more Interesting ways to activate kill skills, maybe in the green tree and linked to freezing.

Just any bullet impact activating all kill skills completely negates the whole idea of battle momentum and being rewarded for pacing your combat to keep them active. Imagine axton or maya with their kill skills just from spamming a maggie, ravager or grenade?

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agree but zane does not work any other way in current end game state (unless you let your dumbass powerfull clone carry you)

I agree and think that’s the part that should be fixed. More/different damage in the green tree including more alternate multipliers (crit/cryo etc.) so you can have a viable alternative to super speed.

Maybe have kill skills activated without kills limited to a single stack or shorter duration.

Moving anything off seeing dead to seeing red won’t fix the issue because it’s not that seeing dead is OP… It’s that everything else is garbage. What class Mod would you use if seeing red gave the on hit

The other issue is, Zane only has kill Skipp builds that do enough damage (outside of OP clone while you toast marshmallows). Half of Zane’s green and red trees have such inferior or useless skills and his only good capstone is clone… And before clone buff most top builds ran without capstone.

Zane needs two things
Fixes/buffs to his green and red tree skills
Improved class mods that actually are worth using

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you are about million % wrong because seein dead is op and with the effect swap there would be reasons to pick hustler conductor or executor even antifreeze. ofc that would make all of his coms pretty bad :smiley: but at least there would be choice and zane would work in any setup

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Right it’s op… Because even with seeing dead it’s not like Moze, fl4k and amara all have multiple higher damage builds over seeing dead Zane.
The only purpose to nerfing seeing dead is to make all Zane’s builds awful and force gbx to overhaul Zane all together.

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you don get it do you nobody is nerfing anything we talked about moving seein dead’s activate on hit effect to seein red cap stone, while moving activate on action skill start effect to seein daed. this would be direct buff to zane and also completely go against chaarcter design but at least it would make him work with any com.
but yes everyone wants zane’s overhaul because he struggles like a pig without seein dead or best gear clones as chaarcter himself has massive problem generating kills.

Try again Hexx…Seeing Dead’s ability to proc on hit being removed from the com IS A NERF

Nerf: to reduce or soften performance of an item

So you are saying Nerf the com and buff the capstone. Just because you would see it as a bonus overall in how you play Zane does not mean that the class Mod is not being nerfed.

It would be a nerf for the com technically, but in practice it would be the same as investing in Seeing Red with the com equipped, which is pretty standard anyway. You’d still get both effects.
Really it would help Zane overall and fix a major problem with the kill skill system.

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100% agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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further more i think zane’s kill skills should not double stack, instead half value should be passive like cool hand. and kill skill should be doubling it. this way zane would be somewhat more balanced across the board and help him actually perform in FFYL.

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Good idea. One of the problems with Zane is that he’s wayyy less effective when the KS’s are inactive.