The Chaotic Barbarian mod makes Wound mod utterly pointless and obsolete

Why use a mod where you have to do kill skill to get fire rate boost when you get the fire rate boost at all times with the Chaotic Barbarian mod from Tiny Tina’s adventure

I just gotta find one now grrrr so far only got one that boosts accuracy, which still was excellent for my Krieg, it came with bonus Salt The Wound skill so excellent for shotguns


I think I might have a spare one. Was farming for evil chaotic, def got a neutral chaotic will just check if i kept it. Are you on PS4?

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nah xb1 I’m afraid

Lol I also would like the Chaotic Evil one, I am thinking this mod was EXCELLENT for Krieg

the Wound mod quickly became useless I guess after Tina Tina DLC, ah well

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I use the chaotic evil one with +6 in STW in raiding especially with Craw.

The wound is a bad com overall.


Just tore all the way through Hatred’s Shadow (until the Dragon but f beating the Dragon with Krieg, I’m not up for that) and not a single Chaotic Evil Mod was found :tired_face:

May try a couple more times and if not found one then give up.

May give up with Krieg in general soon, just hard imo.


I couldnt find any until started running Dragons Keep. About once in 4-5 I get class mods. if u were ps4 I’d farm it for ya.