The character specific terror anoints

Is it just me, or are they crap?

They’re too specific, locked to set skill trees, and aren’t that powerful/useful.

The Moze one and the Amara one are OK, but they don’t really fit the characters. Moze has a skill tree dedicated to never reloading, and her anoint is all about reloading. Amara’s phasegrasp is already mega OP, with ties that bind, so an anoint that boosts that, instead of her other two action skills seems wrong; she’s supposed to be a melee character, but the anoint focuses on distance.
And the Zane one feels weak, because it just gives one action skill life steal, when he already gets life steal in two of his trees.
But, by far, Fl4k’s is the worst, because while the 200% boost to pet damage is good and it’s nice to see an anoint that boosts the pet, the method of triggering it is awful. Attack Command is known to be buggy and slow, and having to wait for the pet to obey it, before the effect triggers, is terrible.

If it was me, I’d redo these anointments. Take the following suggestions:

  • Make Moze’s anoint universal. I’d also allow it to trigger every reload, but have each level of terror consumed add a big boost to the damage, to encourage using the terror mechanic, like the 25% heal anoint. (Reloading consumes all terror and creates a cryo nova. Damage is increased for each level of terror consumed.)
  • Make Zane’s anoint apply to any action skill damage, and maybe increase effectiveness for each active action skill. (Zane’s action skill damage gains 35% life steal for each level of terror he has active.)
  • Make Amara’s anoint universal. Also, like Moze’s, I’d make it activate every time, even if you have no terror, but be stronger for each level of terror consumed. (Activating your action skill spawns terror skulls that home in on nearby enemies. You spawn extra skulls for each level of terror you have active.)
  • Make Fl4k’s anoint trigger easier, and scale the pet damage boost to terror consumed. (Upon issuing an attack command, all terror is consumed and the pet gains 150% bonus fire damage, plus 50% per level of terror consumed.)
  • Give Moze a new character anoint, focused on iron bear. (Upon entering Iron Bear, consume all terror and release 3 terror skulls that home in on nearby enemies. For each level of terror consumed, you gain a stack of Fearsome, and for each stack of Fearsome you gain a 3% chance to spawn a terror skull whenever Iron Bear takes damage. All stacks of Fearsome are lost upon exiting Iron Bear.)
  • Give Amara a new character anoint, focused on close combat. Since she generates terror with melee, giving her a way to consume terror and deal extra close damage would synergise well. (Amara creates a cloud of cryo crystals around herself while suffering terror. For each level of terror, the cloud deals additional cryo damage to nearby enemies and has a higher chance to slow enemies. Activating her action skill consumes all terror and transfers the cloud to any enemy damaged by the action skill, for a short time.)

What do you think of these changes. Would you prefer them, or what changes would you make?


Yes I agree. Good suggestions

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Moze anoint is fine and extremely powerful if used right (notably with Beacon and faulty star, there are fun slam possibilities as well with vendetta and bloodletter) I really enjoy it and it brings something different on the table rather than the usual worn out stuff

Fl4k problem is the attack command needing rework, but the anoint is working fine with a good setup, I enjoy it in hybrid fade away terror ase build

Amara anoint every time I try to use it it feels weak and pointless , you have to stack it multiple time to have a low number of skulls, plus it seems to activate only once per action skill activation. Maybe it could be made universal yes, though I could foresee it would only be a Rakk attack thing and would lead to console crash when abused with perigrine and Ghast call. :rofl:

Zane I have still to research, it may be useful for some niche sntnl builds but its usefulness seems very very restricted. Maybe instead some damage property for sntl instead of life leech?

Thanks. I’m trying to make one of each VH as a terror build, but some of the anoints just aren’t worth using, so I’m ending up looking more towards the general terror anoints. I know it’s probably too late for gearbox to care about these, but I wish they’d make some improvements.

Definitely open to abuse, I agree. Maybe give it a cooldown?
Just seen a video showing how powerful the terror skulls can be, using Amara’s ties that bind, and Fakegrasping to build stacks of Do Harm. Feels a bit cheap, but it worked.

Yeah, he isn’t lacking on lifes steal or survivability, if played well. Giving SNTL more damage would be a better option. Even if it was “SNTL gets +50% damage and 50% life steal” or something.

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