The Children of Homeworld

… or The Next Generation. Maybe even a clan idea.

How many of us have children that will be playing this game, as their parents did before them?

My 21 year old daughter did not know this was coming out until a few months ago. She made a “squeeee” noise when I showed her what is coming, so we can expect her here.

She sat on my lap and learned how to probe bomb at six years of age. Pretty fair siege cannon sniper too.

Parents vs Children 4v4s… game on.


I wish. Mine is 17 now. Old enough to take me to sensors back then, but not much else. I tried to get her into this game though the years, but she never took to gaming at all, much less one as complicated as RTS.

My younger one will be the gamer, but she is much younger.

Makes me wonder if RamboChiken has managed to reproduce. I don’t remember who, but he was someone’s kid. I think his dad wouldn’t let him tell anyone for sheer embarrassment. Could you imagine 3 generations all playing the same game. Would make for a great 3rd page article in your local news paper :smile:

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LOL. I remember Rambo. I suppose the children of Chikens would be Eggz. :smirk:

Three generations would be a hoot, but I would think we will be lucky to assemble a 4v4 parent/child generational game. I mean we are talking about a subset of a subset here by orders of magnitude. hehe

Would love to have that live streamed and/or recorded though.

The lobby in about a month after release will show who made it back, and managed to stop gaming long enough to procreate.

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I’m a child of homeworld here.

I’m 19, and back in 1999 when I was 3/4 I would sit next to dad when he played Homeworld 1 and drool (it was of course over the beauty of the game, not my lack of jaw function :sweat_smile: ).

As I’ve grown I took a liking to videogames, and RTS games are easily my favorite (I have a group of mates and we always get together for Sins of a Solar Empire 8 player FFA marathons, we mean business :sunglasses: )

I’d always wanted to play Homeworld properly myself, and the Remastered Edition is my chance!

Well good to see a next gen Homeworlder!

Hopefully more like you will be along as word spreads.

well that 8 player SoaSE group I mentioned is on board, we’re all new and all have a copy of HW:R awaiting launch!

@ratamaq - I try to reproduce every year so I can keep my Obama kickback money flowing at a steady rate. :joy:

I think I was 12 or 13 when I started playing, and oh boy was I a pr*ck. I really shouldn’t say was; I still am. :wink:

@BlueHair_OMO - OWO Blue. OWO stands for Old Wrinkly and Outdated, right? :smile:

No sign of the Chikens - I am sure Nemesis and GuaRRand (Clucker) will show. The website/forums have been down for some time now as well.

See you guys tomorrow.


BAWK! CC. Will be weird to imagine you not a brat, DestroyU not whining, or Skibb not hyper from sugar cereals.

BAWK! rataguru

Don’t forget about WhiteShark and DK.

I seriously haven’t been this excited for a game release ever in my life but only because I’m pretty much domesticated along with old and boring. This will be an excellent excuse to be even more non-social.

Hope to get some games in with you in the near future.

BAWK Rambo!

Good to see one of the old mutha cluckers around.

Do any of the old clans besides us still have their sites and forums up? I am going back over some ancient posts in our private HW forums from wayyyy back. Our HW forum post dates are hilarious… 2003, 2004, 2015…

I was surprised the door even opened.

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The OMO should give honorary membership to all the vets from 99-03 to the private forums. I’m interested in seeing if there are any drunken rage post from Silverback about how much he hated the guru :slight_smile:

Oh, and pics of Hotflash! There has to be a place I can satisfy a 15 year curiosity of what Hotflash looked like. SexToy from DD also. But I kinda figured they were the same person. No way there was actually 2 girls that played HW back then.

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I do know after HW/HW:C died off the Chikens went to play Mechwarrior. The original group pretty much fell apart from what I can tell. People move on and get real lives.


Greetings Rambo BaWW, long time eh, good to see your still having in there. Man do I miss the games back in the day, enough of that cold, I’ll have to check out that old board posting just to hit my side with laughter. Salute!!!

Salute Cold!

hehe Sorry rata, no pics of HotFlash are available. She and Hernia haven’t been around in a long while.

We need those private forums to comb through old strategies and tactics(such as they were). :smile: The spirits are willing, but the minds forget.

I am hoping even more OMO show up as time goes by after release. Already a larger showing than I would have imagined.

Hoping that we get more Gen2 Homeworlders to see if new minds come up with new tactics with the new MP.

It will already be fun to see how the old-skool classic types match up against the mod players of the in-between years… all playing on an unfamiliar balance. The Complex mod had very little left in common with anything I played online. :open_mouth:

Me 2 BlueHair me 2

Salute Rambo great to see you still in the game. Any SLS members afloat? I want to see more of the old school joining in on the conversation sometime this year, you feeling me? Hehe I see gearbox didn’t migrate the old with the new sadly.

Hey @ColdspyderSLS, you may have missed this from the old boards. The syndicate appeared to be pretty excited about this when first announced.


Wait, you did see this thread.

OMG did I say I was about to faint lol, Salute ratamq, I might have miss that post besides the one I just paraphrased. Fainting that is…man I just read every post, it amazes me to see all those names here in 2014-2015, this is going to rock, thanks for sharing that ratamq, it’s all going in my bookmarks pages. Just remembering all the games we played including with different tags on one side and the same on the other. We need a mass reunion east coast, west coast, the south? Europe perhaps, Los Vegas any one hehe?