The Chill Music Thread

I hope this doesn’t get locked…

I understand we have “what music are you listening to right now” thread, but that’s more of a video dump. With this post, I hope to have more discussion… over chill songs. Relaxing beats, calm rock, maybe some light funk, whatever’s nice and chill fits. Instrumentals accepted.

This here is a great beat.

Next I got a little MF DOOM. I don’t actively listen to him but he’s growing on me bit by bit. He’s unique, and his beats are too:

Because I really want to, I’ll add in this from my faves, RTJ. Note that the first half of the vid is the chill part. You can listen to the second if you care, but it’s far from calm…

Finally, a switch from hip hop:


I don’t specifically listen to chill music, but this is one of my favs that I would add to that list


I prefer to chill out to music without lyrics, since I find those distracting when I’m chillin’ One of my favourites for that is Acoustic Alchemy, who’ve put out a ton of albums. My favourite is “Back on the Case”, but YT doesn’t seem to have an authorized video of it, and spotify requires a sign-in? Anyway, worth checking out if you’ve never listened to them.


Just because I had it handy as I’m going to see them tonight


Will do, thanks.

Not locking, but i did move it to the music discussion category.


Mostly listen to music without any singing ween I want to relax.

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Oh, thanks. I didn’t even realize I put it in the wrong spot. Whoops.

Relaxing? I can’t seem to stop listening to Smooth McGroove’s acapella. The latest, IMO, is especially good IMO…:


The entire album is great really

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Everything of these guys tbh, and while some people complain that some of their songs take 4 mins to start, it’s not thrash metal, it’s “chill” music, so if you take the time to listen you’ll probably enjoy … at least i do :relaxed:
I’ve been a fan of these guys from NZ for more than 12 years now, and live they are just amazing.

ps: Hope you got a good set of cans :wink: … “Patience is a virtue” …

Ahhh … dat last one good for sexy time yeh … :wink::grin:

If your a fan of gaming music / soundtracks, you can’t go past the beautiful Malukah …


For a bit of old stuff that’s as cool as it get’s, well, Bill Withers should cover your needs …

:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::notes::notes: … I could just go on and on and on here …

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