The Cluster F*ck?

In Borderlands 3 they have the Cluster F*ck, I’m sure you all know of it. The question is, unless I’m wrong, didn’t Borderlands 2 have a grenade called the Fuster Cluck? If so why isn’t it in BL3?
Random thought: They should make a grenade called the"Real Fuster Cluck" when it explodes a giant flock of chickens attack every enemy in the area. That would be hilarious. Come on Gear Box let’s make that happen.


I’ll vote for that; :+1: , and have the red text reference zelda


Omg I’m so for this! :joy: Love it!!!

red text “stop beating your chicken” :smirk:

Does anyone know if the cluster f can be homing??

It can not. Homing is Atlas, and Cluster F*ck is only Torgue.

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Bugger. Lol. A trade friend asked me to look out for one about a month ago!! That’s probably 2hours of vendor checking I didn’t need to do!!

Would be cool for nostalgia reasons but it was a quest reward from tiny tina so unless GB make’s her regive it via a quest probably won’t happen. It was a decent one but out classed for serious time’s when you needed grenades.

I have a set in all elements. For the point in the story where the quest first becomes available it’s pretty good, especially in the first two play-throughs. As you say, there are better choices for late game though.

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I agree. Sometime’s i play Bl2 at lunch and just got it yesterday. Will be using it for a while since it’s better than anything i currently have. Got it in explosive which is my fav for it and the fastball.

Quote of the day.

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Atlas no fck
Tediore too cheap f
Maliwan only think fck
Cov Ded as f

I’m tired. But only Torgue f*ck.

Oh no. This became an italics mess

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