The 'Come At Me, Bro' Taunt Unlock Guide

If you’re like me and you derive a great quantity of laughter from ISIC’s personality and voice lines, then you probably discovered this taunt:

(Video is by Mental Mars the community badass)

… and after discovering it you absolutely needed this taunt, but you come to find out it requires you to:

Kill 250 minions with Plasma Dash.

Right off the bat, if you know ISIC’s Dash then you know its damage is not the most amazing thing. You probably try melting enemies a little first now to E over them and come off with 2/5 minions in a wave in Incursion or Meltdown.

I come offering what is perhaps the best possible alternative: The Algorithm.
Any enemy here that isn’t a golem or a bug will contribute to the achievement (Yes-- even the Boom Bots!). Most of them are incredibly squishy on single player Normal. They are significantly easier to prepare. The real hero of this venture however is Geoff.

Geoff can be farmed for the achievement and you will get all 250 minions in 30mins to an hour EASY. He may have failed ISIC as a sentry, but he can redeem himself slightly.


  • As you level get the +5% damage per enemy hit by Plasma Dash helix and the +% Speed and Range helix
  • Bring something to sustain you such as HP regeneration items. I was lucky enough I do have a legendary soda item that increases sprint speed and drops health pickups every few seconds. You might also want something that reduces CC.
    Edit: Move/sprint speed items are really good for this because you probably won’t have a lot of sustain issues on Normal, but you do need to kite enemies.
  • Get Geoff his first upgrade when he says “This spider’s got brand new fangs!” and he starts leaping backwards to the ledge behind his lair

The Strategy (Video in processing):

  • Do not attack Geoff at all at this point (or at least until you have your taunt unlocked)
  • Hang out near the first gas release floor-pad switch thingy that initiated the boss battle. Using the side of that area that is opposite of Geoff’s lair as a sort of barrier for yourself, stay behind that. This is about the range of Geoff’s web attacks. Simply dodging Geoff a bit you will eventually see this range and figure it out for yourself.
  • As long as you camp out there and out of range all you have to do is dodge the occasional rail guns from Geoff which don’t do much damage on Normal Single Player.

The other attack that can reach you is his “Spider Babies”. This is where you will be farming. Run around them in circles trying to heard the blade bots into a small crowd. Then you Plasma Dash them and kill them. Geoff also alternates between Blade Bots and Boom Bots in his attacks. I’m not 100% sure, but it should always be Blade Bots then Boom Bots then Blade Bots etc.

Further Tips:

  • The Boom Bots run really fast and you will probably walk wider circles with them to get away. Remember that they count for the achievement and just plow through as many as you can and AVOID GEOFF’S WEB during the Boom Bot waves or you will be held down and exploded on.
  • The +5% damage per enemy hit by plasma dash helix morph encourages rounding up as many as possible. It is possible to hold a Blade Bot wave or two until the Boom Bots and then herd them all together. Unless you have mad strafe/escape skills you will probably end up making the Boom Bots steal all your achievement farm because they do have friendly fire so I recommend against mixing the waves.
    -Boom Bots are easier to one-shot than Blade Bots so be sure to use Plasma dash on them as well.
  • Also I’m not sure at what point it kicks in, but I think there is a cap on how much plasma dash can do, or a cap on how much bonus damage you can get with the helix morph, because I have seen 1 or 2 Blade bots (never boom bots) scrape by with the Scummiest Amount of Health ™ while the other 5-7 died immediately.
  • Currently a bug (I believe): Boom Bots do not pursue you into the little fenced off area that has the first toxic gas floor pads mentioned earlier. They will simply act as if you are not there when you enter it. The Blade Bots still notice you however.
  • After acquiring the taunt remember to always use it after every kill despite any impeding dangers. This includes:
    -Bosses you just killed
    -Enemies in PVP
    -The Mid and Team Thrall camps of Incursion.

Edit: To some extend this guide imay be good for Shayne or Galilea players as well.
Edit2: I now have Shayne&Aurox’s similar Lore Achievement from a similar process. The boombots ignore her too if you stand in the activation area. A friend of mine used Geoff for Kleese’s lore as well, but the rifts trigger the boombots so he cannot set up camp within the safe zone.

This should be fair easier than doing full runs of any game mode, and faster too. I hope this was helpful to other ISIC players.


This actually is a great way to get this Lore Challenge. It’s something that doesn’t take too much concentration as well and is pretty quick. Geoff ends up spawning 6 at a time and with the -20% cooldown helix option your skill easily recharges in between minion spawns. I was using a Green cooldown, and skill damage up gear as well as a white shield increase. couldn’t get this too work the first time due to Geoff glitching out on the second phase but worked perfectly fine on the second time and i was watching a twitch stream at the same time and didn’t get close to dying. i don’t think i even took health damage.

Good Job on the Guide! Mad Props

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Sounds like Zombie train strat in Cod :smile:

Well I can recommend NOT doing Void’s Edge…for some reason Jennerit Troops and Valersi do not count as “minions” it seems. Nor does indigenous life forms.

“Minions” in the description for ISIC’s challenge means all M1 robots. I think The Algorythm, PVP, and The Experiment seem to be the only places to find them.

For some strange reason Outcast Thrall mercs in pvp seem to count towards it, or at least they did when I was trying to farm it before I came up with this strategy.