The Community.And how to fix it in my opinion

Now a discretion i am not the best in english soo this will have wrong words. Soo i want to talk about… things in this community now… lets see…half of the things posted on here ar bassicly just call for nerfs or buffs and stuff about the community like mine BUT what i have to say about this is if we whine we wont do anything now i know that i am whineing here but just wait we have to actully act and now i am asking YOU to stop calling your team noobs…you were there as well in the place where you knew nothing didnt know where to go what to do just ask them to…kill minions or not chase guys into the entire team.Communicate with your team.If a healer doesnt actully heal he might want to experiment with the character dont start yelling at him for not doing his job(this is twice the amount if he has MORE kills then you) he just wants to do something else with a healer other then heal your mantana butt(this apllies to every other role as well).

About the matchmaking and command ranks,command ranks doesnt mean anything they might have played story the whole time and just now are starting PVP soo they will be clules about everthing they are seeing.

Now to the hard part The Devs i have to say that the communication is aweful if you want us to think your wanting to communicate then actully give us some info other then We are having a metting or we are talking about this that and that we want some info about what might come in a form that will gives us something to give feedback.

Now we know that TIER 2 are done we have seen them on bots in the beta just give us content to play with dont just store it in give us something to play around with.We need some more content other then alani wich got burned out pretty fast i think the content is NEEDED.Now i am not saying we should rush content but if its done(wich the skins seemed done and looked awesome)then give it to us if its a character he/she/it should be ironed out until everything is made perfect and if you can give us info on the character soo we can give you OUR opinion on the balancing with alani you told us that she is a healer and a water bender and we were all YEE but look how “OP” she was at the i wanna wrap up this topic with PLEASE devs communicate with us you want feedback but dont give us anything to actully give feedback to.soo goodbye have a good night/morning!and bye