The Community Axton Guide - All you ever wanted to know

In this thread you’ll find links to guides, tools, and other sorts of topics related to our favorite Commando.


Sabre Turret

Axton is able to deploy a versatile Dahl Sabre Turret, a mounted gun featuring 360° rotation that can be upgraded with many weapons and abilities. The turret’s duration is 20 seconds and its cooldown is 42 seconds.


The Guerrilla tree focuses on getting Axton into the fight and improves the Sabre Turrets ability to perform continuous high damage attacks.


The Gunpowder tree focuses more heavily on medium range explosives and weapon damage. Improves many of Axton’s offensive combat stats, and improves the turret mostly as a tactical deploy/distraction.


The Survival tree focuses on defensive stat boosts and abilities, using the turret frequently, and pulling Axton back from the brink of death.


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A Casual Shotgun Experiment (A guide to the best Casual prefix shotguns.)